Welcome the painterly printmaker, my friend, Ellen Pliskin


photo (29)1I am fortunate enough to see a water-color painting by my dear friend and artist, Ellen Pliskin, every day. Actually I sometimes see and admire it several times a day because it hangs in my bedroom. After 9/11 Ellen painted a series showcasing the windows adorned with flowers and American flags around New York City in remembrance of the World Trade Center disaster. I am fortunate to own one from this series.

Now I’m pleased to share about her silk aquatint monoprint exhibition that opened this week and will be on display through August 30 at:

The Funky Monkey Cafe and Gallery
130 Elm Street (Watch Factory Shoppes)
Cheshire CT

If you live nearby – I sure wish I did – please attend the  Artist’s Reception tomorrow Friday, August 8th, 7 to 9 pm.

Golden Glow

Golden Glow

Her new works explore the monoprint process in portraying China’s Forbidden City, the Colonial City of Colonia,Uruguay and the white villages of Andalucia. In these monoprints  she combines the two disciplines of printmaking and painting in the finished works. She applies, by hand, layers of watercolor and pencil to the monoprint. She says, “This embellishment lets me explore the image more deeply and allows for a richer look to the work.”

Her works are also currently on view at the United States Embassy in Ouagodougou, Burkino-Faso, Africa as part of the State Department’s Art in Embassy Program.

As Ellen states on her website:

“I am an artist who uses layers of color to suggest real objects and places. Often my vision is framed by windows and doorways, creating illusionistic passages of space. The works are composed of areas of color that flow into each other and flood the entire sheet of paper. I want the viewer to see the translucent aspect of the work through to the structural drawing underneath and even down to the texture of the paper. For me both watercolor painting and silk aquatint printmaking are mediums where you can see and enjoy the process. This culminates in a richer experience for both the viewer and the artist.”

I certainly agree. Thank you, Ellen, for sharing your wonderful work with us today.

Self Portrait



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