Welcome the painterly printmaker, my friend, Ellen Pliskin

  I am fortunate enough to see a water-color painting by my dear friend and artist, Ellen Pliskin, every day. Actually I sometimes see and admire it several times a day because it hangs in my bedroom. After 9/11 Ellen painted a series showcasing the windows adorned with flowers and American flags around New York City in remembrance of the World Trade Center disaster. I am fortunate to own one from this series. Now I'm pleased to share about her silk aquatint monoprint exhibition that opened this week and will be on display through August 30 at: The Funky Monkey Cafe and Gallery 130 Elm Street (Watch Factory Shoppes) Cheshire CT If you live nearby - I sure wish I did - please attend the  Artist's Reception tomorrow Friday, August 8th, 7 to 9 pm. Her new works explore the monoprint process in portraying China's Forbidden City, the Colonial City of Colonia,Uruguay and the white villages of Andalucia. In these monoprints  she combines the two disciplines of … [Read more...]

Please visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

My husband Bob and I visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum last Sunday morning. From the moment we stepped onto that site we couldn't contain our tears. The experience was that sad, powerful, and profound. The memorial consists of two pools that sit in the exactly spots where the World Trade Center towers once were with the nearly 3,000 names of those lost in the 1993 and 1001 attacks etched in bronze around the pools' perimeters. Thirty-two-foot waterfalls flow into the pools and then descend into a dark center, made to represent total emptiness. The 9/11 Memorial Museum, just opened in May, houses remaining artifacts from the towers, provides background about the events of September 11 and the days that followed, includes the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and memorializes the lives of the victims some of the very creative handmade quilts are enormous. The feeling of being in a cavern was overwhelming. I was constantly looking up at the hugeness of the … [Read more...]

Presenting Laura Dennis, author of Adopted Reality

With raw honesty and thoughtful reflection, Laura Dennis crafts a stunning psychological thriller in her true-life memoir, Adopted Reality. She weaves in three major life events adoption, reunion with her birth mother, and a bipolar episode following the 9/11 terror attacks where her beloved Uncle Tom died in the Twin Towers and she believes she was responsible for his death, writes reviewer Kathy Pooler. And most amazing is that it took Dennis only six months to write and publish her thriller of a story. I was especially interested in Dennis' writing about her manic episode because it rang true of what I remember about my son's bipolar disorder. My questions have mostly to do with that aspect of Dennis' story rather than her adoption and reconnection with her birth mother. I'm so glad that Laura Dennis accepted my invitation to join me for a Q&A here on Choices. Madeline: I am so impressed with the way you have managed your manic and depressive states and with the clarity … [Read more...]