Three things

First of all, sorry it's been so long since our last post. This site has had some difficulties and is now under new management. Hopefully that will help. Now here are the three things: One) I am totally vaccinated. I got my second Moderna vaccine shot a couple of weeks ago and feel so relieved. Being eighty years old is a huge risk for COVID so I'm sure I am much more protected now. And I didn't have any bad reactions. I felt a little tired after the first. And I had a sore arm at the shot site after the second. But I took a couple of Advil and that was it. Two) It turns out my friends in Santa Barbara are both fully vaccinated as well so we made up a time for me to drive up there. My first car trip away from home in over a year! That happened last Wednesday with my return home this afternoon. Since he is disabled it made more sense for me to go there rather than they trying to come to me. and I'm so glad I did. They live in the hills, which I fully enjoyed while on my daily walks. … [Read more...]

More small stones

As the year winds down, I'm still in the throes of my husband's reduced physicality as a result of his Grand Canyon accident a little more than one month ago. He's been suffering pain in his back for about ten days, though today he has said for the first time he's feeling much better. After writing small stones every day since last August I stopped writing them on November 16 - the day of his accident, and I didn't resume until exactly one month later - December 16. Here are my November small stones - that our group named November Pearls. November Pearls My stress level is at its peak, this being the last week before the election. I need massage, meditation, Yoga, Pilates, and a sauna. Did I leave anything out? A power outage today inspires me to take some time away from the internet. I celebrate the Cubbies winning the 2016 baseball World Series. They last won in 1908, the year my mother was born. Another hot, still, sunny day in southern California. Will … [Read more...]