Three things

First of all, sorry it’s been so long since our last post. This site has had some difficulties and is now under new management. Hopefully that will help.

Now here are the three things:

One) I am totally vaccinated. I got my second Moderna vaccine shot a couple of weeks ago and feel so relieved. Being eighty years old is a huge risk for COVID so I’m sure I am much more protected now. And I didn’t have any bad reactions. I felt a little tired after the first. And I had a sore arm at the shot site after the second. But I took a couple of Advil and that was it.

Two) It turns out my friends in Santa Barbara are both fully vaccinated as well so we made up a time for me to drive up there. My first car trip away from home in over a year! That happened last Wednesday with my return home this afternoon. Since he is disabled it made more sense for me to go there rather than they trying to come to me. and I’m so glad I did. They live in the hills, which I fully enjoyed while on my daily walks. And I do mean there were hills – much more uphill than I’m used to in Manhattan Beach. And along with the hills were plush greenery and flowers in bloom everywhere. The beginning a spring in Santa Barbara is just glorious. Plus we had lots of wonderful time to sit and talk,, drink excellent Italian wine – and yes, even to hug.

I walked hill after hill
This morning in the
Chill air and
A bright blue sky.
It was as though
Nature was protecting me
From myself, giving me
Such majestic scenes
That I could find no complaints
At all. I couldn’t find
People, houses, bridges,
Winding roads beyond
What I could endure.
When I finished
Going up the last hill
I let myself breathe
And breathe
Until I could
Stop the climb and
Sit down and rest.

Three) And this week my son and daughter-in-law got their first vaccinations too. I put them in touch with the miracle worker who got me my appointments and she was just as helpful for them. She was able to book them a full fifteen days ahead of April 15, the date all those above age sixteen would be eligible. Pretty soon my son and I will be able to hug face-to-face rather than doing the side-hug thing he prefers right now.

And now life is back to normal alone and loneliness with a few Zoom contacts to break up the monotony. Well, since my house is now on the market, I have plenty to do to keep my busy. Ever try putting your house in perfect order including clearing away all the clutter to  get reading for a house showing? I’m getting pretty good at shining  up those stainless steel kitchen sinks every morning.

I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

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