VOTE Biden/Harris on November 3

A dear friend sent me an email this morning with the following information. Though he says these points are strictly his, I am in total agreement and decided to share them with my Choices readers. Though I don’t get too political here, there are times when it’s important to do so. Now is one of those times. We must VOTE and vote Trump out of office. Our democracy depends on it. On November 3, please vote for the Biden/Harris ticket.

Here are my friend’s words:

The Biden/Harris team has now received the Democratic nomination. Now we all must evaluate whether Trump is qualified to stay as president for another four years. Here is my personal analysis of his ability to continue as President.

TOPIC: COVID-19 Pandemic

Trump said “It is what it is” in a recent interview with Axios. Our President said the Pandemic is under control and the death toll “is what it is.” From the beginning of the battle against the virus Trump has declared that the Pandemic is under control and is going away. Now over six months have passed since the World Health Organization declared the Covid-19 virus a pandemic and Trump is still saying it is under control. This is a lie pure and simple.

TOPIC: Climate Change

Trump pulled us out of the multi-nation Climate Change Agreement of 2015. He does not believe in climate change and calls it a hoax. This is basically not a viable stance based upon the general scientific community. Just look at the Arctic Circle where a record temperature of 100.4 degrees has been recorded in the Siberian town of Verkhoyansk. This is the highest temperature recorded since records have been kept since 1885 and this is not a hoax. (see note 1 below)

TOPIC: 2016 Election Collusion

Finally this week we have the final Senate bipartisan report on the election of 2016 and the collusion between the Trump election committee and the Russians. Results produce evidence that the president lied when he said on numerous occasions that “there was no collusion.” Now we can see with our own eyes that Trump was a liar. (see note 2 below)

TOPIC: International Relations

Trump’s support of autocratic leaders, Putin, Chairman Zi and Kim Jung-Un, versus our long term relationship with European democratic leaders is a slap in the face to NATO. Trump withdrew from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and announced his intention to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty which are both against our allies’ support in Europe.

TOPIC: Personal

Trump is a three time accused adulterer and Trump is accused by many women of sexual assault.. If you have not heard the president talk about his feelings about how he views women, then you should listen to his Access Hollywood tape. Trump is not fit to be our president. (see note 3 below)

I ask you to study this president and verify whether you think he supports you or does he only look after himself. This is my view and my view alone. I will vote for Biden/Harris to be our leaders this coming November. Please vote this November. It means so much for our nation.

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