Two more April PAD challenge poems

I submitted these two poems and three others posted here to the April 2012 PAD challenge contest. Robert Lee Brewer promises results in August.

I love succulents.
Their colors are like a poem.

Day 22. The prompt was to write a judging poem

From the looks of it
Food TV’s Chopped judges
all seem to disagree
about the texture, taste, seasonings,
cooking style, and presentation skills
of the chefs competing on the show.
And yet, when their bickering
time is up, they say,yes,
nodding their heads up and down.
They know for sure
who is in and who is out.
How do they do that
this viewer wants to know.

Day 23. The prompt was to write a morning poem

I walk in the dark
of the morning,
just before a bit of moon
and the few remaining stars
give up their space in the sky
to the first light of dawn.

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