Paul’s Tree is gone….

Paul's Tree is gone. Inside of three hours its branches were cut down, its trunk chain sawed into moveable chunks and its huge root ball dug out of the ground and also split into small pieces. Now the ground is covered with a few plants. However after the first of the year we will plant a smaller 36-inch tree in its place. The city mandated we plant a new tree when it gave us permission to remove this one. I'm sorry to say we couldn't save it and move it elsewhere. It was just too big. My gardener, Mike Garcia, owner of Enviroscape LA Landscaping, said we would have had to remove overhead wires and hire five helicopters to lift it away not an economic option, unfortunately. And Mike would know. He cares about growing things. He creates sustainable and healing gardens like I create healing words. By the way, Mike offered some words of advice don't let your tree guy just take a few inches of the root ball away when/if you ever have to remove a tree. He says you won't be able to … [Read more...]

A new poem

A trip to the Getty Center in the hills above the 405 freeway in Los Angeles inspired this poem. I've illustrated it with a couple of photos I took with my cell phone. Getty Garden Bowl    Bougainvillea bowers stand as sentinels at the plaza's edge, as we start slowly down the circular path. The stream, winding its way amongst the rocks, the hydrangea, and tall yellow grass, at our side. We stop to peer at the succulents beds, their little puffed-leaves arranged like swirling rose petals, in pale greens tipped in blood red. Finally we circle to the bottom where the azalea bowl overflows in soft and hot pinks, its blooms sucking in the moisture of the pool underneath. … [Read more...]

Tree trimming rant – a new poem

Butcher The tree trimming was yesterday. And with his long-handled ax he hacked the trees stripping off leaves and giant birds of paradise until only bare branches and trunks were left. His onslaught hit the ground leaving broken and bent petals, the red succulents flattened and spent. Of course it got its intended result Light pouring through. I can't wait for the shade to come back. Coral Tree Before Coral Tree Today (2 weeks after the hack job) Poor Eucalyptus and Palms … [Read more...]

Two more April PAD challenge poems

I submitted these two poems and three others posted here to the April 2012 PAD challenge contest. Robert Lee Brewer promises results in August. I love succulents. Their colors are like a poem. Day 22. The prompt was to write a judging poem From the looks of it Food TV's Chopped judges all seem to disagree about the texture, taste, seasonings, cooking style, and presentation skills of the chefs competing on the show. And yet, when their bickering time is up, they say,yes, nodding their heads up and down. They know for sure who is in and who is out. How do they do that this viewer wants to know. Day 23. The prompt was to write a morning poem I walk in the dark of the morning, just before a bit of moon and the few remaining stars give up their space in the sky to the first light of dawn. … [Read more...]