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Today at Choices our WOW! Women On Writing book tour guest is Sarah Dickinson, author of Silver Spoons: One’s Journey Through Addiction. Her book, told through letters, is an intimate and raw look at the current face of addiction and recovery.

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Being Self-aware in Your Writing

by Sarah Dickinson

Every year there is anywhere from 600,000 to one million books published in the U.S. alone. While those numbers are indeed impressive it’s overwhelming when you consider the work and passion that goes into creating each one.

Indeed, writers everywhere have an endless list of factors to consider before they can even begin their own “Once upon a time.” We could talk writing styles, technique, point of view, plot development or even character creation. Sadly, we do have to save those topics for another day. Because today, we are going to talk about being self- aware in your writing.

You may ask why is being self-aware so important in writing. It matters because being self-aware stimulates the mind/body connection. It can lead you to personal growth, change and transformation. In writing it can be a key component to becoming a compelling author. So here are five ways to be self-aware in your writing.

  • KNOW WHO YOU ARE. This may sound overly simple, but it’s essential. Personally, I’ve read too many stories that are flat at best. The details are there, but there’s no feeling, emotional connection, or depth. Most of my favorite authors, despite their vast differences, all share the common denominator of a strong identity. Who they are, where they stand, the voice they have? All of them use the “place” they are as the heart of their writing.
  • CONNECT YOUR STORIES TO SOME REALITY. We have all heard the advice “write what you know” and have interpreted that in our own way. You can use this idea to be self-aware as well. When you can add a personal aspect, no matter what you’re writing, you open yourself up to a deeper connection. Whether bringing a description to life or developing a character. This depth brings you closer to your characters, events, yourself as well as your readers.
  • JOURNALING. The benefits of journaling can not be stated enough. It helps you organize your thoughts, feelings and ideas. It serves as a cathartic release that enables you to essentially purge all your thoughts, feelings and ideas on a piece of paper. A piece of paper that you can look back on. To reflect, but also to serve as your own inspiration where you can pick and choose what parts you want to explore more or leave behind. It can be a jumping off point for the story you need to tell. Most importantly, it is a great way to practice being in the moment as well as describing that moment.
  • HONESTLY EVALUATE YOURSELF. Being honest with ourselves, especially our flaws and weaknesses, can be extremely difficult. We live in a critical world that never misses the chance to make us feel less than. However, it is still an essential part of self-awareness. Looking at ourselves and taking an honest inventory of who we are. That being said I promise you that knowing your strengths as well as your weaknesses brings you your voice. A voice that over time you will love, be comfortable with and proud of.
  • ASK YOURSELF THE BIG QUESTIONS. There are countless questions to ask yourself to help bring your voice to everything that you write. Who re you writing for? Why this story? What are you hoping to get out of this? What passions, knowledge or opinions are you hoping to convey? Remember once your book, blog, article, poem or short story is out there; it’s out there forever. So, you want to be sure it’s exactly how you want to be represented.

I’ve never been one to give advice that I would never take myself. So please believe me that I practice what I preach and have done each of these suggestions myself. Being this honest with yourself requires a complete loss of ego. I can also say the rewards will leave you feeling nothing but glad that you did so.

For me, about five years ago, I had one of those breakthrough moments that are so cliched. Cliché or not my world, perspective, and life did a total 180. Which left me unsure of anything. Friends, family, goals, and even doubting if my gut instincts were right at all. It was in this incredibly vulnerable time that I found my own sweet spot. I was open to any number of changes. It was like a fresh piece of paper and I was free to write whatever I liked.

You see, I had allowed an addict into my life, and everything changed. Those changes compelled not just a re-evaluation of my life but my perspective as well. I was left with a story to tell. One that required brutal honesty and the ugly truth to do it justice. These steps helped me write Silver Spoons; One’s Journey Through Addiction. The results have been more than rewarding as it brings understanding as well as empathy for people battling addiction as well as people who love them.

Book Summary

Silver Spoons: One’s Journey Through Addiction takes an intimate and raw look at the current face of addiction and recovery. Talking about the current opioid epidemic, we follow a young couple while one of them goes through the recovery process. Told through letters, we get an understanding of their relationship as it struggles through his addiction and resulting recovery. From detox, rehab, sober living and the 12 steps of A.A, you get a raw and honest look at the effects of addiction and how they affect relationships. AUTHOR NOTE: There is explicit and graphic content.

Print Length: 380 Pages
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN-13: 978-1717868947
ISBN-10: 1717868940
Silver Spoons: One’s Journey Through Addiction is now available to purchase at

About the Author, Sarah Dickinson

Sarah Dickinson is a lifelong resident in beautiful upstate New York. Mother of two amazing daughters and three equally awesome rescue dogs, she is the author of Silver Spoons: One’s Journey Through Addiction. She currently attends college and is in the midst of switching careers. When she isn’t doing it all, she reads comic books, blogs, and takes weekend getaways.

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