This is suicide prevention month

September is Suicide Prevention Month, and so perfectly aligned yo my son Paul’s suicide death. He left us by box cutter on September 23, 1999, twenty-three years ago. And ever since I’ve wanted to help save others from that same fate. I wrote my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, with that in mind, telling the story of my son and his mental illness and creativity and the long line of relatives who were also mentally ill – all signs that suicide was on his menu. I want people to be aware of the dangers and risks. I’ve participated in two overnight suicide prevention walks, sponsored by the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and joined groups geared to getting the suicide prevention word out.

This month AFSP is asking for funds to support 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline and of course trying to get folks to rally in support of suicide prevention.

“About National Suicide Prevention Week

“The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) recognizes the month of September as National Suicide Prevention Month: a moment in time in which we rally the public to create awareness of this leading cause of death, and inspire more and more people to learn how they can play a role in their communities in helping to save lives. Alternatively recognized as National Suicide Prevention Week (generally the week after Labor Day) and World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), AFSP takes advantage of the full month to offer understanding and guidance for the public through special events, personal stories and perspectives, shareable social graphics and other materials designed to help people know what they can do if they or someone they know is struggling, and how to have authentic, caring conversations about suicide and mental health.

“Suicide prevention is important every day of the year. National Suicide Prevention Month gives us an opportunity to shine a special, encouraging light on this topic that affects us all, and send a clear, hopeful message that help is available, and suicide can be prevented.”

Additional suicide prevention education and advocacy opportunities throughout this month, include:


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