I was hacked and scammed

The last couple of weeks have been horrendous. I was hacked and almost scammed out of all the money I had in my bank savings account. Thankfully my bank fraud team saved me from myself, and all my funds are still in tact. However, this episode created a  lot of worry and work: changing checking and savings account numbers, getting a new debit card, and notifying all my contacts who need those numbers for deposits to or debits from my accounts. It's almost two weeks and I still haven't finished that task. I also brought my computer guy in to clean any related stuff off my computers and do an anti-virus scan. The thing that bothers me the most is how stupid I was to allow this to happen although my bank told me that it happens all the time. They said people of my generation are too nice. We should be hanging up on people who we suspect - don't even answer one of their questions. Just hang up.   Great advice. I think I've learned my lesson. I'm sure I won't let it happen to me … [Read more...]

Poetry Pact Blogfest – About family feuds

I've been surrounded by family feuds almost all my life. My father never spoke to two of his brother-in-laws, and he refused to talk about it or respond to my mother's pleas to make amends with his enemies. There were reasons, there were always reasons, mostly having to do with money and business. These family feuds caused a lot of strain and crying in our family. My mother had to see her brothers and their families on her own, and that wasn't easy in the 1950s and 1960s when she couldn't even drive a car. Sometimes my dad would drive her to see them and sit outside with a tightly shut mouth and his arms tightly folded across his chest until she was through visiting. Later on in my generation, my brother's wife decided she didn't want to speak to me for while. I never knew why, and thankfully we've kissed and made up. She also stopped speaking to her sister for a time as well. My brother didn't speak to his brother-in-law either. I never could understand that kind of behavior. … [Read more...]