Robert Davis: about writing, publishing, and demons

This is a first for Choices - a guest post by an author of a book of horror stories. However, the writing life of author, Robert Davis, is something all authors can resonate with. And maybe it's time for us all to wander around some other genres. Who knows? We might end up liking them. Please welcome Robert with a hearty congratulations on the launch (TODAY!) of his book. Writing, Publishing, and Demons by Robert Davis Hmmmm, writing a guest blog¦For a week of firsts, I have one more to add! First of all I would like to thank Madeline Sharples for allowing me to blog today. It is great to see how many people support independent authors. My first book Rakasha: Legend of the Hindi Tiger Demon has been released on Amazon today, July 5, 2013, in both Ebook and POD. I have written for years and years and years, since the fifth grade. While I chose not to think back to how long ago that really was, it was a while back. For all this time I have written, edited, and deleted a … [Read more...]