Back to work

First of all I want to thank all my friends who participated in the Choices Guest Post Festival from the end of August to mid September:  Susan Weidener  Deborah Kalan  Viki Noe  Ace Antonio Hall  Meryl Hartstein  Chanel Brenner  Eleanor Vincent  Jerry Waxler  Sherrey Meyer  Linda Joy Myers  Karen Levy  Kathy Pooler  You all certainly raised the bar over here. During the last three and a half weeks the number of views more than doubled because of your contributions. So it's time for me to get back to work. I need to keep the momentum going by posting myself and hosting guests as much as possible. Please let me know if you'd like to share your writing story on Choices in the near future.  On Wednesday, my guests will be Cami Ostman and Susan Tive who will share about their anthology, Beyond Belief: what happens when women of extreme … [Read more...]

Meet Meryl Hartstein, the original Bounce Back Woman

I met Meryl Hartstein through Help A Reporter Out (HARO). She was looking for women who could write a piece for her up and coming anthology about Bounce Back Women. Since I certainly could relate to that subject, I answered immediately. Since then she has become my Facebook friend and fan, and I follow her on her Facebook page called Bounce Back Women. I have been a member of this group for about a year. Here is how Meryl describes her Bounce Back Women group:   "This is a group for women who have "bounced back" from unimaginable adversities and have managed to live full successful lives! We are Mothers, Sport Heroes, Corporate CEOs, Doctors, Authors, Entertainers etc. Our one common thread is that we are extremely resilient. We are "Bounce Back Women"!!   I am pleased Meryl chose to write about aging - a subject near and dear to my heart. My next goal is to meet with her sometime soon on her home turf, New York City, so we can talk about it in … [Read more...]