A new novel by Anoop Judge

About a family faced with  tragedy, secrets, and misconceptions, No Ordinary Thursday by Anoop Judge, is a wonderful new novel. Please welcome Anoop back to Choices and be sure to comment about your book reactions below. Also, please read her special essay written just for us about her writing life.     A Peek into My Writing Life by Anoop Judge When I decided to transition from a career in law to one in writing, I envisioned a tranquil life spent crafting stories in a cozy study. Reality, however, has been a blend of routine, inspiration, and occasional chaos. Here’s a glimpse into my daily life as a writer. My day begins before the sun rises. The quiet of the early morning is sacred to me. With a cup of strong coffee in hand, I settle into my writing nook—my office which is a space filled with books, notes, and inspiration boards. These first few hours are my most productive. There’s a unique magic to the pre-dawn stillness that allows creativity to flow … [Read more...]