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About a family faced with  tragedy, secrets, and misconceptions, No Ordinary Thursday by Anoop Judge, is a wonderful new novel. Please welcome Anoop back to Choices and be sure to comment about your book reactions below. Also, please read her special essay written just for us about her writing life.



A Peek into My Writing Life

by Anoop Judge

When I decided to transition from a career in law to one in writing, I envisioned a tranquil life spent crafting stories in a cozy study. Reality, however, has been a blend of routine, inspiration, and occasional chaos. Here’s a glimpse into my daily life as a writer.

My day begins before the sun rises. The quiet of the early morning is sacred to me. With a cup of strong coffee in hand, I settle into my writing nook—my office which is a space filled with books, notes, and inspiration boards. These first few hours are my most productive. There’s a unique magic to the pre-dawn stillness that allows creativity to flow unimpeded.

Every writer has their rituals, and mine involve a strict adherence to a writing schedule. I typically write for four to five hours each morning, setting goals for word counts or chapters to complete. My novels, from ‘The Rummy Club’ to ‘Mercy and Grace,’ have all been born out of these disciplined sessions. Some days, the words come effortlessly; on others, it’s a battle to fill a single page. But persistence is key.

By late morning, my focus shifts to other tasks—responding to emails, preparing for upcoming teaching sessions, or conducting research. Balancing writing with teaching at institutions like The Writers’ Grotto and Stanford University has taught me the importance of time management. Each role fuels the other; teaching keeps me grounded in the fundamentals of storytelling, while writing provides fresh perspectives to share with my students.

Afternoons are reserved for activities that replenish my creative well. This might mean a walk in my neighborhood with my rambunctious Westie, a Pilates class or simply reading a book. Inspiration can strike anywhere—a snippet of conversation, a television show, or the rhythm of city life. These moments of reflection are crucial, allowing ideas to simmer and develop before they make it to the page.

Evenings are often spent revising the morning’s work. The first draft is never perfect; it’s in the editing where the story truly comes to life. I also participate in workshops and writing groups, such as the Amherst Writers Program, where I exchange feedback with fellow writers. These sessions are invaluable, providing fresh eyes and perspectives that help refine my narratives.

As a wife, mother and community member, balancing family life with writing is a constant juggle. My husband and I are now empty nesters but when my children were young their needs often took precedence, and I learned to adapt my schedule around their routines. Writing in shorter bursts or late at night became a necessity, but it was a challenge I embraced.

Each day in my writing life is different, a mix of structured routine and spontaneous creativity. As I look forward to new projects and teaching opportunities, I remain committed to the craft of writing. The journey from litigator to writer has been filled with challenges, but it’s a path I wouldn’t trade for anything.

For anyone dreaming of a writing career, my advice is simple: write every day, stay curious, and embrace the journey with all its twists and turns. The stories waiting to be told are worth every moment of the ride.

About the Book
Lena Sharma is a successful San Francisco restaurateur. An immigrant, she’s cultivated an image of conservatism and tradition in her close-knit Indian community. But when Lena’s carefully constructed world begins to crumble, her ties to her daughter, Maya, and son, Sameer—raised in thoroughly modern California—slip further away.
Maya, divorced once, becomes engaged to a man twelve years her junior: Veer Kapoor, the son of Lena’s longtime friend. Immediately, Maya feels her mother’s disgrace and the judgment of an insular society she was born into but never chose, while Lena’s cherished friendship frays. Meanwhile, Maya’s younger brother, Sameer, struggles with an addiction that reaches a devastating and very public turning point, upending his already tenuous future.
As the mother, daughter, and son are compromised by tragedy, secrets, and misconceptions, they each must determine what it will take to rebuild their bonds and salvage what’s left of their family.
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (August 1, 2022)
ISBN-10: 1542037751
ISBN-13: 978-1542037754
Print Length: 335 pages
Purchase a copy on AmazonBarnes and Noble, or Bookshop.org. Make sure you also add it to your GoodReads reading list.
About the Author
Born and raised in New Delhi, Anoop Judge is the author of four novels, The Rummy Club which won the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award, The Awakening of Meena Rawat, an excerpt of which was nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize,  No Ordinary Thursday, and Mercy and Grace. Her essays and short stories have appeared in Green Hills Literary Lantern, Rigorous Journal, Lumiere Review, DoubleBack Review, and the Ornament anthology, among others.
Anoop calls herself a “recovering litigator”—she worked in state and federal courts for many years before she replaced legal briefs with fictional tales. She holds an MFA from St. Mary’s College of California and was the recipient of the 2021 Advisory Board Award and the 2023 Alumni Scholarship. She lives in Pleasanton, California, with her husband, and is the mother of two admirable young adults.
You can find her online at:

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