Denver visit

While spending the weekend in Denver visiting family, we got caught in a blizzard. We're now happily back in Southern California. I love my great nieces View out the window … [Read more...]

My darling great niece and nephew

While we were traveling the past three weeks we visited our darling great niece and nephew in Virginia. I cannot help myself from bragging. Anna with her new book Ian listening to his bedtime story Clowning around With their mom And with great Uncle Bob … [Read more...]

Khloe and Jackson

My youngest great niece Khloe just turned one year old, and she has a young man hitting on her already. They Look Like They Like It … [Read more...]

What’s so great about her?

                    For one thing she is my great niece. For another thing she wrote the poem I've posted below and... she is only twelve years old. Need I say more? Holocaust Poem People march Fear It's all around They're coming closer I feel myself being lifted And thrown into the back of a truck People All around me I feel them Hear their cries It's dark Where are we going? Will I be ok? We hit a bump More cries We stop And get out of the truck People with guns Pointed at us Shoved into a building Small, cold Days later We are on a train So few people Darkness It never ends We stop once more Get pulled out of the train We are told to follow The men with the guns Pointed at us They lead us to another building Told to undress Don't worry, they said We were told it was a shower We go into a small chamber The doors are locked The lights go off The silence is so loud The … [Read more...]