What’s so great about her?

For one thing she is my great niece.
For another thing she wrote the poem I’ve posted below and…
she is only twelve years old.

Need I say more?

Holocaust Poem

People march
It’s all around
They’re coming closer
I feel myself being lifted
And thrown into the back of a truck
All around me
I feel them
Hear their cries
It’s dark
Where are we going?
Will I be ok?
We hit a bump
More cries
We stop
And get out of the truck
People with guns
Pointed at us
Shoved into a building
Small, cold
Days later
We are on a train
So few people
It never ends
We stop once more
Get pulled out of the train
We are told to follow
The men with the guns
Pointed at us
They lead us to another building
Told to undress
Don’t worry, they said
We were told it was a shower
We go into a small chamber
The doors are locked
The lights go off
The silence is so loud
The smell
I go down
That’s it
It’s over
No more crying
No more darkness
No more fear


  1. What an incredible, well-written, moving poem from a talented, intelligent, compassionate girl. Thank you for sharing it, Madeline.

  2. Wow! What a talented niece you have!

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