Don’t be afraid to submit

Three out of five isn't bad. In the last couple of months I've submitted five pieces to contests and anthologies mostly at the urging of my recent poetry instructor, Thresha Haefner at The Poetry Salon. And I found out that submitting really pays off. It's like lottery tickets. If you don't buy one, you have no chance of winning. In all I submitted three poems, a poetry chapbook, and an excerpt from my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. Two of the three poems were accepted one is still in review, and the excerpt was accepted to appear in a suicide loss anthology. Unfortunately the chapbook didn't make it, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up. I'll submit it again and again to wherever seems suitable. And so as not to keep you in the dark, here are the two poems that will come out soon: Stop and Go will appear in Yellow Chair Review's In the Words of Women anthology, and Remnants will appear in the 2016 Porter Gulch Review. Stop and Go On the drive up the coast I … [Read more...]

A new poem

A trip to the Getty Center in the hills above the 405 freeway in Los Angeles inspired this poem. I've illustrated it with a couple of photos I took with my cell phone. Getty Garden Bowl    Bougainvillea bowers stand as sentinels at the plaza's edge, as we start slowly down the circular path. The stream, winding its way amongst the rocks, the hydrangea, and tall yellow grass, at our side. We stop to peer at the succulents beds, their little puffed-leaves arranged like swirling rose petals, in pale greens tipped in blood red. Finally we circle to the bottom where the azalea bowl overflows in soft and hot pinks, its blooms sucking in the moisture of the pool underneath. … [Read more...]