What it’s like to be a park ranger

Choices is so pleased to welcome Rosanne McHenry and her new book, Tales From a Rogue Ranger, while she's on her WOW! Women on Writing tour.  Rosanne has also written a very interesting blog post for us about how to succeed at a job you never wanted. I'm sure a lot of us need her advice on that. Here's Rosanne. How to Succeed at a Job You Never Wanted by Rosanne McHenry   One day I was minding my own business, working as a park ranger at Folsom Lake, California, and the next moment I was drafted to work at the Auburn State Recreation Area as the Whitewater Rafting Program Manager. I never asked for this job. I didn’t want it. I balked at it. I was mandated to do it anyway. How do I get into these situations, I wondered?  I figured it was my punishment for being hard-working and conscientious. This all began when my co-worker Jess took on the responsibility to impose safety controls on the American River whitewater rafting industry. Many of the commercial … [Read more...]