Queering the American Dream blog tour

Angela Yarber is on a virtual tour of her book Queering the American Dream. Choices is so pleased to host her and to showcase her thoughts about how publishing a book can transform our business and life.   Here's Angela and her essay. Living the Authorpreneur Life How publishing a book can transform your business and life By Dr. Angela Yarber Publishing a book has completely transformed my life and business, creating financial sustainability I’d only dreamed of. Over a decade ago, after protests from Westboro Baptist Church, a thick stack of hate mail, and even a few death threats, I decided two institutions had become too toxic for me as a queer woman. The first was the church. Interestingly, I was its pastor. The second was the academy where I was a professor. To reckon with our shifting vocations, my wife and I quit our jobs, sold our home, and followed the beckoning, our toddler in tow, writing a memoir along the way.  Beginning the day the Supreme … [Read more...]

What it’s like to be a park ranger

Choices is so pleased to welcome Rosanne McHenry and her new book, Tales From a Rogue Ranger, while she's on her WOW! Women on Writing tour.  Rosanne has also written a very interesting blog post for us about how to succeed at a job you never wanted. I'm sure a lot of us need her advice on that. Here's Rosanne. How to Succeed at a Job You Never Wanted by Rosanne McHenry   One day I was minding my own business, working as a park ranger at Folsom Lake, California, and the next moment I was drafted to work at the Auburn State Recreation Area as the Whitewater Rafting Program Manager. I never asked for this job. I didn’t want it. I balked at it. I was mandated to do it anyway. How do I get into these situations, I wondered?  I figured it was my punishment for being hard-working and conscientious. This all began when my co-worker Jess took on the responsibility to impose safety controls on the American River whitewater rafting industry. Many of the commercial … [Read more...]

Welcome to our film and media maker guest today

Thank you, Neill McKee, for honoring our Choices blog with your presence today. Also for writing us a guest post about how important writing about our careers and life stories is. Neill is currently on his Women on Writing book tour. Here'a Neill: The benefits of writing about your career and life story by Neill McKee As is documented in my travel memoir, early in my career, I became a filmmaker and later a multimedia producer. After 45 years of such work, I decided to switch to creative nonfiction. Many people become consultants in their specialized fields in their senior years, but I had little interest in that. I had all these stories in my head about my varied life: growing up in a small industrially-polluted town in Ontario, Canada, and learning how “to escape” its confinements and stinks; my searching years at university, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life; and then a dramatic transition when I became a volunteer teacher in Sabah, Malaysia on Borneo Island. … [Read more...]

A technical manual for magicians

Choices is excited to introduce you to Houdini's Fabulous Magic, written by Walter B. Gibson and Morris N. Young, and published by Vine Leaves Press. Instead of a review by Choices, here is everything you need to know about this fabulous book about magic - including a forward by Gabe Fajuri. "I've loved this book for sixty years," Teller of Penn & Teller. This is a technical manual for magicians, complete with illustrations and diagrams, but it is also an astute analysis of the best of Houdini's magic and a readable biography of a man who turned himself into a legend. It is a book for would-be conjurers, for professional necromancers, for those curious about the methods and means of one of the most enchanting men of the previous century. "I've loved this book for sixty years. My first copy was borrowed from the Philadelphia Public Library when I was fourteen, and I kept renewing the loan till I could afford to own my own copy. Houdini's Fabulous Magic has just the right … [Read more...]

Learning to listen

After reading this guest blog post, you'll wonder where the Blooms were when you needed them the most. They are experts on how couples can avoid arguing. And I am so pleased to host them on their WOW! Women  on Writing blog tour of their new book, An End to Arguing. They have also graciously created a  wonderful list of tips about listening - an essential tool when trying to avoid arguing. Hopefully you'll all still be able to benefit from their advice. Here are the Bloom's and their 16 tips.   The Art of Committed Listening: 16 Practical tips to become a champion listener-402 by Linda and Charlie Bloom   Relationships thrive when both partners practice committed listening. When we allow ourselves to be penetrated by each other’s words and feelings, it’s not simply a matter of receiving information, but of allowing ourselves to be informed by it. When we are able to hear and accept our partner’s feelings and needs our attention moves from concerns about ourselves to … [Read more...]

Real life stories about letting life lead

Please welcome Kate Brenton on her WOW! Women on Writing tour of her first book, Rebirth. A brief summary tells us that when life is calling, often we need only the space and the support to remember our way. Sometimes we lean into our expansion, and sometimes we bolt from our greatness. The biggest shock is that big change happens in small choices. In Rebirth you will find real-life stories of people who made courageous leaps that will inspire you to make your own. It’s time to step out of line and back into the spiral of life—that’s where the alchemy is. This book fits right into the side pocket of your bag and your life to inspire you as you read others’ stories of how they listened and learned to make embodied changes in their own lives. Publisher: Inspirebytes Omni Media ISBN-10: 1953445261 ISBN-13: 978-1953445261 ASIN: B0B3V3JQT7 Print length: 278 pages Kate also shares her thoughts on mothering while working as a writer:   Mothering, Writing, and Working in … [Read more...]

Middle school students will love A.J. Kormon’s cat mysteries

Please welcome A.J. Kormon on while she's on her WOW! WOMEN ON WRITING tour of her three Halloway Hills Middle School Mysteries. These three books are for ages nine to eleven and each feature a mischievous cat.   And we are fortunate that A.J. has written a essay for us on what kids learn from entrepreneurial  parents. We hope you'll enjoy the post. What Kids Learn from Entrepreneurial Parents By A.J. Kormon With more and more people turning to entrepreneurship—or a job and a side gig as an entrepreneur—it’s not unreasonable to expect more kids will be exposed to the benefits and struggles of being your own boss. Growing up, both my parents worked outside of the home, so starting a business wasn’t something that crossed my mind as something I could do. I just assumed I would get a job when I finished university. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of perks, like setting your own hours, choosing who you work with, and deciding which projects to complete. There’s a lot kids of … [Read more...]

Becoming a blogger the journaling way

I  have been a fervent journal writer for over thirty years and I love to hear about other's journaling experiences. Dr. Mona Balogh, also an avid journaler, writes little vignettes about her  patients in her new book, How to Stay Out of My Emergency Room. And she has written a post for Choices about how she turned her journal entries into a blog. Please welcome Dr. Mona Balogh. My Failed Online Bookstore Turned Me into a Blogger by Dr. Mona Balogh I began blogging when my children were little, and I had an online bookstore called “Oasis Family Bookstore.” I sold homeschool books and wrote about “Homeschooling Made Easi-er,” implying that homeschooling is not easy. After the store and website failed, I learned how not to sell books online. But I was able to convincingly write about how to homeschool a family, and even help others homeschool their own children. I also attended many homeschool groups, conferences, get-togethers, park days, and co-schooled, hired teachers and … [Read more...]

Larry Kilham – thoughts on fiction vs. nonfiction

Choices is so excited to have Larry Kilham here today - the last day of his WOW! Women on Writing blog tour. His work with creativity, invention, and artificial intelligence is fascinating. Please check out his latest book, Free Will Odyssey. You won't be sorry. Larry has also written a post especially for Choices about his thoughts on writing fiction vs. non-fiction. I can relate since I've also written both. Here is what Larry Kilham has to say: Fiction vs. Nonfiction by Larry Kilham I have written about an equal number of fiction and nonfiction books. Each time I start thinking about my next book, I confront the difficult decision about which modality to use. With fiction, you are not held to a high standard about detail and truth. Writing a nonfiction book, on the other hand, about a current topic like addiction generally requires a team of researchers and a noted research institution in order to gain gravitas and establishment acceptance. Nonfiction is clearly the … [Read more...]

Letters from World War I France

Hubert William Kelley's letters home from France during World War I are extraordinary. And that his daughter became the editor of The Weeping Angel: Letters and Poems from World War I France is also extraordinary. Thank you Crystal Otto and Bring on Lemons for hosting a virtual tour of this book. About The Weeping Angel Now, on the Centennial of World War I, Hubert Kelley's wish is realized with the publication of The Weeping Angel, his account of the war in northern France as he lived it.  Told through letters and poems, Kelley writes home to his Kansas City family with vivid descriptions of day-to-day life on the edge of the battlefield.  Enlisting right after graduation from Central High, he claims to play the bugle to be accepted and proves to be a talented raconteur and observer. Although he could not play the bugle and never learned, he became the regimental poet of Company D of the Twelfth Engineers and found his true vocation as a writer. Mary Kelley, his daughter, … [Read more...]

Nina Amir on creative visualization for writers

I've met Nina Amir several times and heard her speak at writers conferences, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in her wisdom and advice about writing that she shares in her latest book: Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Writing Career to Life. I'm pleased to showcase Nina and her book during her WOW! Women on Writing tour. Please see the link below if you'd like to participate to win a copy of Creative Visualization for Writers. About Creative Visualization for Writers: An Interactive Guide for Bringing Your Book Ideas and Writing Career to Life: To become a more creative, confident, and productive writer, you need to focus your attention, visualize your desires, set clearly defined goals, and take action toward your dreams. Let Creative Visualization for Writers be your guide on this journey of self-discovery. You'll learn how to: Evaluate your beliefs and shed self-defeating behaviors. … [Read more...]