Small stones in June

We wrote Jewels of June last month. It’s always fun to have a little bling in our lives. And Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

  1. It’s June 1st and the sun is as bright as a jewel. What happened to our usual June gloom?
  2. I’m feeling so sad and embarrassed for my country sad, angry, depressed, and hopeless.
  3. We have tickets to see Wonder Woman later this afternoon. I can’t wait. Lynda Carter in the TV version was one of my heroes growing up. And this new movie is said to be flawless and powerful, a good example for girls.
  4. Definitely see Wonder Woman. Take your daughters, nieces, moms, grandmas and/or granddaughters! Support women’s films! The men you know might like it too.
  5. Please accept my condolences for those who died during the attack in London on Saturday, and I wish speedy recoveries for the many who were injured – physically and emotionally. I am embarrassed by my president’s attack at London’s mayor.
  6. Cool, dark, breezy. Nothing jewel-like about this day. Not a bit of bling in sight.
  7. Writing, revising, editing, thinking. Thinking, editing, revising, writing. That’s what I do. Every day.
  8. I’ve been distracted today with the James Comey US Senate hearings. So much more fascinating than fiction. I can see a movie on the way. Still I got some novel work done.
  9. I got a late start today. Pilates class and the push and pull of the reformer springs woke me up.
  10. Tomorrow morning I’ll march in the #Resist March: an LA!Pride Project – a red, white and blue march meant for anyone who cares about human rights.
  11. I walked over five miles from Hollywood to West Hollywood at the #Resist March today. It was invigorating, inspiring, and fulfilling. Over 100,000 people were with me. 
  12. I spent this day in the hospital with my husband. He had a little procedure and will go home tomorrow. But in my mind, nothing is little or minor or unimportant when it comes to my husband’s health.
  13. I’m happy to report all is well with my husband. He’s home and back to normal. June gloom is not only over outside, it’s over inside our house.
  14. Just had a lovely catching-up lunch with an old, dear friend. We worked on our high school newspaper together. Now coincidentally, we’re both writing historical novels.
  15. Today I’m half-way through my semi-annual month-long alcohol fast. It feels so good to take a break.
  16. The large ball of light blinds as I drive into the sunrise, leaving me in tears.
  17. I walked over nine miles and amassed over 20,000 steps today that’s unheard of.
  18. Father’s Day a big eating day. Brunch at home and dinner out with our son and daughter-in-law. Just lovely.
  19. I just heard Otto Warmbier, recently released by the North Koreans, died this afternoon. That and the deaths of our seven USS Fitzgerald sailors make these days beyond sad.
  20. I feel so accomplished when I can delete, delete, delete one email after another. This afternoon I trashed over 150 in ten minutes time. Ahhh!
  21. Today we start on the downhill slide of shorter and shorter days. Before we know it, we’ll have dark afternoons and have to get up in the dark of the morning.
  22. Inside all day, not experiencing another beautiful day, typing, typing, typing. It’s all good.
  23. I’ve finished another draft of my novel. Now comes the hardest part. After adding a lot of new scenes, I need to do a deep cut in word count. HELP!
  24. I saw two artists at work while walking on the Strand this morning. 
  25. Familiar tunes and lyrics are in my head after seeing a revival performance of Oklahoma at our local playhouse last night: Oklahoma, People Will Say We’re in Love, I’m Just A Girl Who Can’t Say No, Oh! What A Beautiful Morning, Poor Jud is Dead¦.
  26. We’re having a heat wave, a climate-change heat wave that’s unbearable on a lot of levels.
  27. I went to my writing group this afternoon. We all wrote to a prompt a poem called In Prison. The concept of prison was different for each of us. Try it, and see what prison means to you.
  28. After four chapters and 59 pages, I’ve managed to cut over 800 words from my novel. I’m on a roll. Only 284 pages to go. LOL
  29. There’s a bit of a breeze, the heat has abated, and the sun is out. Makes me happy!
  30. Like all months, June flew by. Glad we stopped a moment each day to write a jewel.

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