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Please welcome Erik Trant, best selling author of Steps. He’s here for his second blog tour stop with Women on Writing – WOW!

Eric’s subject is very dear to my heart since I spent a lot of years squeezing  my creative writing aspirations in between the proposal deadlines I had to meet working my day job in the aerospace industry. Even now, my writing life has gone by the wayside for a few months while I work a consulting job. I can barely eek out a journal entry each day. However, I truly believe my work as a technical writer/editor and proposal manager taught me the discipline I needed to become a published author.

Eric’s insight into this topic teaches us how we all can benefit from a second career. Here’s Eric.

Eric Trant Book Cover Steps

Part-Time Authors: How a Second Career Improves Your Writing

by Erik Trant

I suppose the dream is to begin writing around year ten, publish somewhere just north of puberty, bang out a Masters of Fine Art at the local institute, and scoot your way onto the best-seller’s list by, let’s say, year twenty-five. Then you spend the rest of your days travelling, writing, and borrowing a friend’s cabin to finish your latest trilogy (we only write trilogies, say it with me: tree-loh-gee).

You form callouses on the heel of your palm (where you rest it on the keyboard). You wear out the tips of your fingers and the backspace button. You develop this odd hunchback, coffee-stained teeth, pasty skin, and an uncomfortable, ponderous, silent stare that marks you as one of ~them~.

You write a few boyhood trilogies. You switch gender and write a girlhood series, which you later realize should have stopped around book seven. You reach into the career years, the child-rearing years, golden years, write a few horror trilogies and a romance trilogy set in an Alaskan cabin.

Then you look up from the keyboard. Your hunchback pops into place. The tape slips off the backspace key, and you fix it, stick the key back down, test it, yep, still works but barely. You’re running out of time, and you realize every book, every trilogy, every series was about a boy who wanted to be a writer. A girl who wanted to be a writer. You thumb through the career books, all of them writers, authors, wait, here’s a librarian, and you have a secondary character who was a barista, because you did that in college, but the rest are all writers!

Writers writers everywhere, an inch of salt caked on your fries where you should have used a sprinkle. No astronauts. No engineers. No musicians, teachers, police officers or sales clerks. Not one character sat at a window all day in the local municipality printing, signing, notarizing building permits. Nobody drove a bus after school or waived the crossing guard flag. No waiters. No cooks. No bartenders or gym trainers.

Nothing but writers, and now your tongue is dry. It’s all you know, and we write what we know (a whole trilogy, in fact). Many of your favorite authors lived that dream, and while they squirm into other careers (with mixed success), a good many of their books slide over to that comfortable, well-worn spot on the couch where they employ writers to do the dirty work of suffering along their character arc.

By limiting yourself to a write-only career, you cleave out only a tiny section of a world which the rest of the population finds about as interesting as a thumbtack in the eye. Readers, who are almost exclusively ~non-writers~, want to meet-and-greet themselves in the book. I won’t knock the dream — I had it, too. But I will say that my second career (is writing first?) has greatly expanded my character pool, and allows me walk in many more shoes. I can wear steel-toed boots on a drilling rig, or ride the back of the sign truck on the highway department, stopping to scrape dead animals off the pavement. I can cover my shoes and work in a Class 10 cleanroom, slip on dress shoes for a presentation, take them off to run some heavy math, then slide into my socks to write a program on the couch.

All that non-writer living allows me to step along paths full-timers may never discover. I built a whole closet full of shoes I can walk in, owing to my second careers, but when I take stock, I notice a pair is missing. Odd. I’ve never worn high heels, never worked behind a counter as a makeup salesman worrying if I am thin enough, pretty enough, young enough, spraying anyone who exposes the veins of their wrist. Should I? Could I? Would I?

Maybe I still have some living to do.


About Steps:  Steps is a well written science fiction novel you won’t want to put down. Following the Peacemaker family through their battle of survival will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see what obstacle is next. Society is falling to a ravaging virus, and the Peacemaker family is stranded in the mountains of Arkansas. Forced to band with a group of deserted soldiers, they battle to survive starvation, apocalyptic cataclysms, and a growing number of dangerously infected wanderers. As their dwindling number struggles against ever-increasing odds, they realize they are not alone in the wilderness. A large creature is present in the hills, at first seen only as a fleeting shadow. Now the family not only faces impending death from the unstoppable virus, they must also deal with the mysterious giant, whose footprints signify that he knows where they are.

Paperback: 218 Pages
Genre: Sci Fi
Publisher: WiDo Publishing (May 21, 2015)
Twitter hashtag: # StepsTrant

Steps  is available as an e-book and paperback at Amazon


Eric Trant Author Head ShotAbout Eric: Eric W. Trant is a published author of several short stories and the novels Wink and Steps from WiDo Publishing, out now! See more of Eric’s work at


I very much appreciate having Eric with us today and I’m happy to offer a lucky reader a copy of his latest book, Steps, in return for a comment. The winner will be chosen randomly through Rafflecopter.

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Thanks again, Eric, for being my guest today. I hope you’ll have a very successful WOW! tour.

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  1. Thanks for having me.

    – Eric

  2. Crystal Otto says

    Thank you Madeline for hosting!!!!

  3. In 2002 I left my day job to stay at home to begin a writing career. I eventually learned i needed a job to give me a break from my thoughts and writing. It wasn’t mentally healthy for me, so I went back to work. Today, I work over a 100 hours a week. The difference before I quit work the first time is 50% of that time I’ve dedicated to my writing. Writing is my passion…. work is my needed break from my thoughts I write about. It works for me, what others do is for them to decide. This is a Great article. Peace and love.

    • Madeline Sharples says

      Thanks for sharing your work experience with us Keith. I think a balance of work and writing make for a better writer. You are a prime example of that. Love, Madeline

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