Early Sunday morning meetings and a poem

Seagulls meeting on the sand

Another group about a mile north

Quit Procrastinating

There are just too many distractions
To tempt me away from my work
It’s like having
A devil on my shoulder
Saying, just a minute longer,
What harm could another minute do?
Early on when I first retired
I thought I’d spend hours
In front of the TV
Eating bad-for-me snacks
And I’d blow up like
A bird on pasta.
But it’s not TV
And the chocolate bon-bons,
It’s not curling up on the sofa
With the latest romance
That turn my head.
It’s email,
It’s Facebook
It’s the blog world
That stop me
from completing my daily writing tasks.
Who would have thunk an old lady like me
Could have her head turned
By technology?


  1. I’m feeling like this lately! :-/ Wish I had seagulls to watch …

  2. I wish you did too, Jessica. They never seem to amaze me. Yesterday a big yellow lifeguard truck drove right through the group – not a one of them left. They just moved aside to let the truck go by.

  3. The seagulls to the south of the seagulls to the north seem happier, somehow, not quite as stressed out, more in tune with the rhythms of nature, apparently less-distracted by the demands of new technologies. The question arises: why do seagulls all face the same direction?

    Lee Q

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