Through My Eyes by Regina A. Walker

I have always loved New York – the sounds, the smells, the people, the sights. I love it even more after experiencing Regina Walker’s new book – Through My Eyes, a photo journal in photography and poems.

I wrote on Facebook the other day, “Everyone needs this book.” I think the beauty of the images and words in it will grab you as much as they do me.

My fellow poet and dear friend, Keith Alan Hamilton, wrote the Foreword. He says, “…I think you will find in this book the combination of her imagery and words go way beyond the magical, as well as the mystical….”

Her publisher, William S. Peters, Sr. at Inner Child Press also raves about her work, “The first time i had the opportunity   to   view   Regina’s   work   through   her   lens,   i   was   tremendously intrigued by her eye and her ability to Capture a unique perspective of the subtleness of life all about us. Over time i knew i had to get more involved with her work. . . my soul screamed it’s  necessity  for  it    .  .  .    so  we  spoke  and  we  published  her.  You like my self will be ever enamored with her first offering Through My Eyes.”


Since I don’t want to give it all away, I’ve posted a couple of images and a few words. You need to experience the whole by yourself. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


Of this, Regina writes, “Reflecting Inward.”

East River.jpg

Regina’s words, “The East River. I run here most mornings. Thinking and dreaming. This time, this place is magical to me. I am alone with an abundance of thoughts. Possibilities, Hopes.”



“…The photographs I take speak for   me.   They   often   say   things   I   can’t   even   hear   in   a   language   I   don’t  understand.  The  camera  has  given me an ability to express a vision  I  still  don’t  quite  understand,” says Regina A. Walker.


One more treat. Here is an image Regina posted on Facebook this week. It is not in the book.

Regina shot

What more can I say?

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