November sunset

As the sun sets on November I'll share a wonderful sunset photo my husband took from the end of the Manhattan Beach pier and a twitter-length poem for autumn. Autumn Isolation I like that as the trees rustle outside, stripping in the sunlight, I can't hear their sway I can't hear their song. [Published on Twitter and at unFold Magazine on September 21, 2011] … [Read more...]

Published Twitter-length poems

I was so busy during the month of June with the WOW blog tour, I didn't get a chance to post my two Twitter length poems that "unFold" magazine published. Here they are: Riding the Waves [June 13, 2011] Hummingbirds are skinny-dipping in my garden pool, bouncing off the fountain, surfing the surrounding leaves. Since He Left His Toothbrush [June 15, 2011] He recited Byron's words yet we'll go no more a roving by the light of the moon as a final fare thee well, but she knew he'd be back. To read more of these fun and challenging 140-character or less poems go to: And I'm happy to say, "unFold" will publish one more of my new short poems in the Fall. … [Read more...]