Remembering Thanksgiving 2014

We were thrilled to celebrate Thanksgiving with my sister and her family in Portland Oregon this year and were overwhelmed with the gorgeous fall colors. We don't have trees turning yellow, orange, and deep reds in Southern California nor do we have the bountiful rain that fell in Portland while we were there - in fact we hardly have any rain at all. I took the following shots through a window that was sprinkled with rain drops. The day after Thanksgiving we went to visit the Oregon pinot noir wine region. Here is a wine press prominently displayed on the patio of Anne Amie Winery (the palm tree in the background made me feel right at home). Besides some lovely pinots I also sampled dark chocolate covered hazelnuts that are a main crop in the region. … [Read more...]

Yesterday’s beauty

Seven-thirty in the morning - after the rain - Manhattan Beach … [Read more...]

A gray Friday

It's been drizzling all morning and downpours are expected tonight. So it's a good day to show off our front garden's dazzling spring Clivia blooms. They started blooming early this year since it's been so warm, but unfortunately they last only a short time. Today's rain gives them an extra special sparkle. … [Read more...]