The question of the day: Should I have hand carried my book material to Australia vs. relied on our postal services

The Survivors of Suicide Event in Queensland Australia This has got to be one of most frustrating days. I got a note from one of the Jennifers in Australia that the package containing my flyers, bookmarks, and a copy of my books that I sent for their October 9 Survivors of Suicide Bereavement Support Association Inc. Mourning Tea event had not yet arrived. And I sent it out on September 9. After checking with our post office, by phone, online, and in person and with the customs office, I found out there was no way to track the package since it was sent without a tracking code my mistake. Of course who would have thunk that the package wouldn't arrive after three weeks? So my next thought was to resend the entire package by Fed Ex overnight. I thought, no worries. Overnight Fed Ex would take care of it. I went to Kinkos Fed Ex to make more copies of my flyer. And then I got … [Read more...]