Happy Birthday Bob!

My husband Bob is bright and shiny this morning on this his eighty-third birthday. Since just two weeks ago he had a bad bought of coughing as a result of bronchitis, I am very pleased he is doing so well now. Eighty-three WOW! So all I've got to say today is: Happy Birthday Bob - and I wish you many many more happy and healthy days - just like today.         … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Ruth Bader Ginsberg turned 82 yesterday. In honor of her birthday, Huffington Post, shared some of her famous quotes. And since I love quotes I'm sharing a few with you. We're also celebrating RBG's 21 years on the Supreme Court. I sure wish I could give her a celebratory hug.   I agree with Ruth Bader Ginsberg about having it all - but not at once. I wrote this article about it for Naturally Savvy.   … [Read more...]

Thoughts about age and my folks

Today would be my dad's birthday. He was born 110 years ago. And he's been gone thirty-eight years. Happy Birthday, Dad. Taken on Dad's last birthday, May 1975 (my sister is at his left shoulder) Age has been on my mind lately. My father died at age 72 and so did my father's father and my mother's mother. But, even though I'm in the last days of my 72ndyear, I'm not worried about dying any time soon at least not from ill health. Mom and Dad with little Paul My mother thought she'd go at 72 just like the others in our family. She actually started planning for it by giving away a lot of her things. From the day my dad died when she was 68, she kept saying she was ready to die too. But she was tricked. No matter how much she wanted to follow in her husband's footsteps, she lived to be 94. So whose genes do I have my dad's short-life or my mother's long-life genes? Only time will tell. … [Read more...]

It’s my birthday and I’m having a party

Today is my birthday and I love celebrating with you. Here are some of the beautiful gifts I've received. Even the pups are throwing me a party … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Dad

Dad with Paul, 1972 Today would be my dad's birthday. He died in 1975 at the age of seventy-two after a year and half battle with cancer of the bile duct system. Who knows where that came from? He always lived very healthy. He was trim, he was an early advocate of health foods and one of the first health food gurus Gaylord Hauser, he didn't smoke, and drank only moderately. I always worried a heart attack would take him since he had one at age fifty-seven, probably caused by stress. Perhaps stress was what caused his cancer. He sure had his share of it from my mother and from major business setbacks toward the end of his life. He was a quiet guy and kept most of his thoughts and feelings inside. That could have caused his cancer as well. I've heard if we let emotions out it's better for our health. What I most admire him for was his sense of family he always protected us and encouraged us. He also was creative. He played the violin as a youngster, and he made sure my siblings … [Read more...]