Revisiting the bucket list

When I first started this blog back in November 2007 its purpose was to write down a list of things to do and places to go before I die in homage to the movie The Bucket List. And even though this blog has become much more than that I post photos and poems here, I write about my writing life, I report on special happenings always in the back of my mind is the question: how am I doing in checking off the things on my list? So I went back to two of my earliest post and copied the lists below. And I've commented on each one so you and I will both know what I've accomplished. And then I've written down a few more things mainly about where in the world my husband and I want to travel before we're unable to travel anymore. That's the thing. I feel very strongly lately that my time is very finite, so I need to make every moment that I have left count. My Garden Buddha The List Climb down into the Grand Canyon not done yet, but still on the list. Go to the parts of the … [Read more...]