Facebook like-my-page event TODAY only

Even though I still question the usefulness of Facebook fan pages, I like the likes, so to speak. But I always wonder if my likes even care about buying my book. Nevertheless, I'm participating in an event sponsored by the Online Book Publicity Group. It's called the Biggest Ever Fb Page Like-fest, hosted by Hajni Blasko. Here's her instructions: INSTRUCTION! PLEEEEEEASE READ. - Have an active Facebook page related to the Publishing Industry - Willingness to return the favor and like the pages of others. HOW TO POST YOUR LINK - Copy and paste ONLY your facebook page URL as a Comment to the top post of mine. - This event is not to promote your book to other authors, since that doesn't really work. It is strictly to gain more Likes. Therefore, do not include any text with your link. - Once copied wait for and leave on the preview ON, allowing others to easily like your page. HOW TO LIKE OTHERS - Please return at a later time and before the 28th 10:00. - Click on View … [Read more...]