The Old Town Music Hall, El Segundo, CA

Our friends Lisa and David came over to our part of the city last Saturday night, but before they did, they did a little research about what we should do for our play-date. Well, I'm pleased to tell you that they found a venue I had kind of heard of, but never gave a second thought. That is so sad, because the Old Town Music Hall, home of the Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, in El Segundo, CA is a real gem. We thought we were only going to see the 1952 film, Singing in the Rain, but were we in for a surprise. Bill Field the theater owner strolled down the aisle in his wheel chair, transferred himself to the organ's seat, and played it for us for about an hour. His tunes demonstrated the capabilities of the organ's pipes and percussion instruments and accompanied our sing along and an old Monty Banks silent film. Here's what the music hall website has to say about this great old venue: Old Town Music Hall is a concept that started in 1958 by Bill Coffman and Bill Field … [Read more...]