One more bucket list item ready to be checked off

When I started this blog way back in November 2007, it was all about checking off things on my bucket list. And in the years since, I’ve kept at it pretty well – except for the elusive hike down the Grand Canyon, which was the very first thing on my list at that time.

That is until today. We finally got reservations at Phantom Ranch – the place at the bottom of the canyon where we’ll stay the night in between the hike down and the next day’s hike back up. There is no way we could do the hike down and up in the same day.

Phantom Ranch Cabins

Phantom Ranch Cabins

Unfortunately it’s not until next November – November 16 – coincidentally one day plus nine years since I wrote that blog post. Well, I’m just as excited as if I were going to go on that hike tomorrow. Just think – I have a year to train. And yes, okay. I’ll be realistic. Anything can happen in a year. But having the reservation – not an easy thing to come by – makes it seem very real even now.

The Hike

The Hike


  1. Sounds enchanting! That looks like a really long hike!

    • Madeline Sharples says

      Thanks, Robyn, It is long, but very doable. All I’m concerned about in San Francisco are the hills. I really need to walk a lot of hills to prepare.

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