My new poetry chapbook has been released has published my second chapbook called Then and Now. Two years ago they published Moving On. What a great surprize when they offered to publish a second book.

Amazon posted the following review of one of the poems:

Not Out of the Woods

This poem conveys a sense of worry, uncertainty, and emotional distress experienced by the narrator in relation to someone they care about. The language used is straightforward and direct, reflecting the narrator’s immediate thoughts and concerns.

The opening lines set the tone by quoting the doctor’s assessment that the person in question is “not out of the woods yet.” This phrase is commonly used to describe a critical or precarious situation, suggesting that the individual’s condition remains serious.

The narrator describes the person as still lying in bed, mostly sleeping and nonresponsive. The mention of the person’s inability to remember their son’s name or location indicates a decline in cognitive function, suggesting a worsening state of health. The repetition of the statement “he’s worse” emphasizes the deteriorating condition and adds to the overall sense of despair and helplessness.

The narrator’s thoughts and fears are revealed as they sit by the person’s side. The question of whether they will be able to “get him out of there alive” conveys a desperate desire to see the person recover and survive their current predicament.

In the final lines, the narrator shares their concerns with a friend, summing up the gravity of the situation. The uncertainty and lack of hope are evident in the statement, “I don’t know if he’s going to make it.” This portrays the narrator’s emotional vulnerability and the heaviness of their burden.

Overall, the poem effectively conveys the narrator’s anguish and distress, as well as their sense of powerlessness in the face of their loved one’s deteriorating health. The straightforward language and raw emotions expressed throughout the text create an immediate and poignant impact on the reader.

You’ll find the book here. Enjoy!

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