May is mental health month

With mental health care on the chopping block, it is important to keep in mind organizations that can help. Here’s a list of groups I’ve compiled, which also include suicide prevention sites.

Helpful Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Organizations

My son Paul was diagnosed with bipolar disorder soon after he turned twenty-one. And after struggling with it for almost seven years, he took is life at age twenty-seven. Suicide is a huge risk for those suffering with mental illness.

Our son Paul who died in 1999

We must continue to work hard for health care parity, i.e., that treats physical illness and mental illness equally. It didn’t exist when Paul was suffering in the late 1990s and still doesn’t exist now. If you know someone who is mentally ill – and I’ll bet everyone does – please join the fight. That will go a long way to help prevent suicide as well.

I’ve made erasing the stigma and helping prevent suicide my mission since Paul died. Writing has been my vehicle for doing that. Besides, writing has helped me deal with my pain and grief. As a result I wrote a memoir about Paul and our family’s struggle to survive his death. If yours is a similar story and need another person’s perspective, you can find my book here.

If you do read my book or have already read it, please let me

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