Leaving the Hall Light On is a top 12 book!

Nancy Mills, founder of the Spirited Woman, put out this post this morning. I’m so proud to have Leaving the Hall Light On on the Spirited Woman top 12 book list.
THE HOLIDAYS are such a glorious time to gift a book or to buy one as a gift for yourself. On our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick list, we’ve included an array of gifted authors to help inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.

WRITING SPIRIT – by New York Times bestselling author Lynn Andrews, invites readers into her world. Lynn explains how being true to your Spirit is the key to fulfillment in your work.  She leads you on a journey into yourself finding the truth within you, your creative soul and teaches you what it truly means to be a writer. www.lynnandrews.com.
EXUBERANT WOMEN DON’T AGE – NO TIME TO WASTE – by author Elizabeth Upton is an empowering guide for women of all ages and all walks of life. While many self-development books have advice on personal improvement this book harnesses the intense power of the individual to achieve inner peace and boundless happiness and life success easily. Amazonwww.elizabethaupton.com.

THE BLOOMING OF THE LOTUS – is a ground-breaking poetic memoir of grace. In a deeply personal journey of healing, through art, writing, nature, and the spirit world, Robin Lynn Brooks travels from the darkness of brutal childhood incest, violence and torture out into a brilliant light. This is a very deep healing, transformational book, especially for women. www.bloomingofthelotus.comAmazon.

THE SHAMAN AND THE MAFIA – Marietta Collins becomes enmeshed in a brutal murder. As head of a youth drug rehab center, she is dedicated to ridding the community of the growing criminal element. This action-packed mystery/love story examines conflicted emotions of the characters as they try to make sense of their lives through the web of crime, darkness, and light. Amazonwww.elizabethaupton.com.
HEALING WISDOM FOR A WOUNDED WORLD – An Iraqi-born author, Weam Namou shares in this memoir her magical journey through Lynn Andrews’ four-year shamanic school. Namou signs up to the school to find her literary voice but ends up discovering a mystical and healing community of shamans, power animals, and guardian angels that she thought only existed in fairy tales. Amazonwww.weamnamou.com.

THE EMPOWERMENT MANUAL – Are you searching for a quick “pick me up” for yourself, material to share with a client, or perhaps some inspiration for an upcoming presentation? This book features 36 of today’s leading spiritual teachers who share diverse empowerment strategies that can be practiced by individuals, workshop facilitators and professional presenters. Amazon.
TREE SPIRITED WOMAN – a multi-award-winning book – is an intensely beautiful story of a guiding friendship between a young woman and a wise and mystical woman. The story delivers a universal message about trusting in love, valuing personal relationships, letting go, and living life to its fullest. Tree Spirited Woman is The Perfect Holiday Gift!  Order your copies today! www.treespiritedwoman.com.
A STORY OF BECOMING – a literary classic for all ages, has won eleven awards this year. The tale is of a seed that grows into an apple tree. We are reminded that although life can challenge us, we can learn, grow and become a true miracle. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s poetic words are accompanied by Belle CrowduCray’s exquisite illustrations:

LEAVING THE HALL LIGHT ON – a memoir in prose and poetry by Madeline Sharples, is the harrowing but ultimately uplifting tale about her son Paul’s bipolar disorder diagnosis, through his suicide at her home, to the present. It details how Madeline, her husband, and younger son weathered every family’s worst nightmare. Print or Kindle at Amazon and Dream of Things.
SECRETS OF A NUN: MY OWN STORY – is an uncompromisingly moving look into one woman’s soul. At age 15, Elizabeth, a talented athlete gives up her dreams of competing in the Olympics to become a nun. She struggles with conflicting emotions, until a forbidden love affair forces her to face her needs as a woman and leave the convent. Amazon.  www.elizabethaupton.com.
WEALTH MASTERY FOR WOMEN, 12 LAWS TO CREATE WEALTH STARTING TODAY – by The Four Dames and Paula Fellingham. Amazon International #1 Best Seller is a collection of universal principles to accelerate results. Make an immediate impact by welcoming more abundance into all areas of your life. Written by professional women, financial executives and consultants in the personal development industry. Amazon.
A SHORT PATH TO CHANGE: 30 WAYS TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE – is being praised as an essential read if you want to manifest real lasting change in your life. Jenny Mannion uses her own experience of healing herself of years of several chronic dis-eases and her work as an intuitive healer helping clients do the same over the last 7 years. www.jennymannion.com.
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