Learning more about meditation

I’ve never been a good meditator, but lately I’ve given it another try. Here are my thoughts about that:

The meditation man said we should not try to fight our tiredness. That we should take advantage of it and rest. And even if we just rest for only ten minutes it will do a lot of good. Whereas, if we don’t rest, we will make ourselves feel worse.

I experienced that today during our meditation practice and felt a wonderful sense of restfulness during the ten minutes he was speaking. Hooray. I was able to concentrate on my breathing and nothing else – a huge breakthrough for me.

That can be the beginning of a new practice for me because up until now I have always been a poor and unsuccessful meditator. I could never stay focused on my breathing and getting rid of all the stuff in my brain. My mind would always wonder, my thoughts would stop and start, start and stop, stop and start all through the session. And when the session was over, I would be more unfocused than when I started.

So today’s session really taught me a new meditation trick. And, it taught me how to take away all the garbage that always interrupted my meditation practices.

That combined with another medication technique I’ve been practicing – the sound bath – is giving me a new way to rest and pause and stop trying to manage the world in my brain.  It’s allowing me to concentrate on the things I need to do and not work through others that make me more tired instead of rested. Also, it is allowing me to sleep much better at night. This morning I awoke before seven. Instead of getting up I shut my eyes and fell deeply asleep until my alarm woke me up at eight. I even remembered the weird dream I had, which hardly ever happens. That behavior is so different from the times I just lay there with my eyes closed but completely awake and trying to figure out how to solve all the issues of my coming day.

So I’m looking forward to what I will be like as a more rested person. Maybe I’ll even put meditation on my daily calendar. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

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