It’s November PAD time again

As usual, I’m writing a poem a day (PAD) from Writer’s Digest poetry editor, Robert Lee Brewer’s, prompts. During the year he posts a prompt on Wednesdays except in April and November when the prompts come once a day. Our assignment is to put the best into a chapbook and enter it into his chapbook contest at the end of the month.

So far I’ve written a poem a day for fourteen days. I’m not thrilled with the products yet, but plan to keep plugging along. Maybe I can edit them into something passable for the contest. And it’s funny that this year I’ve gotten a little political in my subject matter. Really? Can you blame me?

So here are three poems of the fourteen I’ve written so far this month. I’ve included the prompts so you’ll know where they came from.


Write a poem with an occupation as the title. For instance, the titles might include: “Governor,” “Teacher,” “Architect,” and “Engineer.” Or go with some of these creative job titles I found: “Director of First Impressions,” “Crayon Evangelist,” and “Chief Amazement Officer.” Or create your own.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


The House of Representatives
Changed hands last night
Going from a Republican majority
To Democrat
And the thing that is so revolutionary
Is first-time young women candidates
Pulled it off
The youngest woman ever to run
At age twenty-nine got elected
With her clear and smart mantra:
“Don’t be scared.”
Yes, she’s right.
We’re now in the age of
Young powerful women.
Let those old guys who’ve been
Running congress for years
Spend the rest of their days
Sitting on their front porches.

Write a poem that hints at something. In my mind, I’m thinking of a poem that foreshadows a possible future poem in your potential chapbook. But you could also write a poem that hints at something that’s not fully explained–like a bad relationship or an amazing moment. Maybe the “real story” is shrouded in metaphors or obscure language. Or maybe the poem just kind of beats around the bush.

Wish Me Luck

I put it all together
According to strict directions
And uploaded it.

I hesitated briefly
Took a couple deep breaths
And clicked the submit button.

Now I will wait months
For a reply.

Write a disaster poem. Disasters can be epic and involve earthquakes, fires, and violence. But disasters can also be epic and involve spilling red wine on a white carpet or saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment. Whatever your disaster, have fun poeming today.

Two Disasters

In California’s latest disaster
Fires rage on both ends of the state
Burning 209,000 acres
Leaving 48 dead, over 200 persons missing
And destroying nearly 7000 structures.
More than 8000 firefighters continue to battle
Though with winds picking up
They have contained only 25 percent.

There’s another disaster
Affecting our entire country
As our current president
Rages on Twitter
and at press conferences
About those unloyal Democrats who
Took over the House last week,
fraudulently. he says. Of course.

He is still 100 percent uncontained.

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