Introducing Sonia Marsh

I met face to face with Sonia Marsh for the first time yesterday after a long virtual friendship and a lot of win-win networking.

She is the author of the newly released memoir Freeways to Flip-Flops (available at in both paperback and Kindle, as well as Barnes and Noble) and the Gutsy Livingblog. I posted my gutsy story there in June, and I’m pleased to say, I won for the gutsiest story of the month. Please go over to Gutsy Livingto receive a special gift. Just scroll down and look for the red starfish.

So Sonia and I talked nonstop mostly about how to go about the business of selling a book. We shared websites, conference information, how to get on panel discussions, what organizations we belong to. I urged her to join our Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. Although Sonia lives in Orange County, GLAWS has members who come to meetings and events all the way from Arizona.

Yesterday’s highlight was meeting with one of the proprietors of my local indie bookstore: Pages in Manhattan Beach. Pages: A Bookstore held a wonderfully successful launch event for my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, in May 2011, and now Sonia will also have a book signing and reading there as well.

Please look for more information about Sonia here at Choices. She’ll be my guest in September answering questions about her book, and I’ll post a review just as soon as I finish it.

Her topic living on a tropical island for a year with her husband and three boys is very reminiscent of the 19 months my family lived on a tiny island in the South Pacific back in the mid 1970s.


  1. Thanks Madeline. I am so happy to be featured today and so glad we met in your beautiful town of Manhattan Beach which was my first visit. I also love your beautiful Indie book store, “Pages,” and thanks for bringing me inside, and showing me your poetry and “Leaving the Hall Light On” books, as well as meeting Margot Farris, the owner. I shall join GLAWS, and look forward to connecting with other wonderful writers and authors there in the future. Now it’s your turn to visit OC.

  2. It is my pleasure, Sonia. So nice to hang with you. I will definitely visit the OC. I used to go to Lake Forest often in the days when I took Ben to his tennis tournaments.
    Thanks for coming up my way this time. xoxo

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