Introducing Daisy Hickman of SunnyRoomStudio

It’s gray outside and just beginning to drizzle – wouldn’t you know I just had my car washed? So it is a perfect day to have Daisy Hickman and her sunny spirit as guest here on Choices. She has brought along a beautiful bouquet of peonies to illustrate her words. How does she know peonies were my favorite flowers as I was growing up in the midwest? Unfortunately they are unable to grow where I live now in Southern California.

This summer Daisy has concentrated her blog posts at SunnyRoomStudio on ways to slow down during our year’s warmest months. Here are just a few that she listed last week:

Nurture your creative side.
Read some poetry.
Write a letter.
Take a walk.
Create a new recipe.
Read a short story.
Allow yourself time to connect with nature.
Call an old friend.
Sleep in.
Create spiritual space with time for silence.

Couldn’t we all participate in those not only during the summer but as a lifetime habit?

I’m pleased to introduce Daisy and her thoughts about books – another way to enjoy the slow summer months.

The Beauty of Books

Words are vehicles for understanding. Like all artistic forms, they offer avenues of expression that are varied and dynamic. From poetry to prose, from blogs to novels, words are links between individuals, family systems, organizations, and countries. I’ve been drawn to them for a lifetime it seems.

Yet, recently, I heard someone lamenting how you could find a book to say anything you wanted it to say, that there was no truth in books, per se. Pick out five that boldly assert one theme, and on the next shelf, you’ll find five more from an opposing point of view.

Well, of course. I didn’t say anything, but I sensed the person was missing the point ¦ of books, of life, of anything really. Because isn’t that precisely the point of communication and human expression, the sharing of ideas and experiences that are nearly always diverse, even contradictory? And wasn’t there an element of arrogance in the comment (spoken by someone who has never tried to write a book)?

The glory of books is their ability to share what is important to the author. To offer information that may be helpful to others. To capture something fleeting, yet, powerful. To record human history.

The fact that every book is slightly, or entirely, different merely reflects the human condition. How could it be otherwise? Yet, this individual was apparently looking for something that doesn’t exist; ready to toss all books aside because a global definition of truth can’t be found in any of them.

Yet, truth, like beauty, is found in the eyes of the beholder. And, for me, books will always be something to celebrate and to appreciate. They represent the human story, our evolution, and clearly, our spiritual adventures. Books also speak to our profound connection as mortals on planet earth.
The perception of truth will always be subjective. And in finding peace within that reality, we come to accept the many layers of truth in the world. The many levels of understanding.
I hope all of you enjoy many good books this summer, including Madeline’s.

And I hope you don’t get caught up in worrying about why one book is true, yet, the next one isn’t.

Learn something from each. Savor the journey. Celebrate the perceptions of a fellow human being. Let yourself feel challenged and intrigued by ideas that don’t necessarily mesh with yours. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. And if you’re truly seeking truth, look within.

  • What books are you enjoying this summer?

Thanks, Madeline, for your kind invitation to share a few thoughts on your blog. Have a lovely summer!

Thank you, Daisy, for being my guest today. I hope lots of folks will slowly, in a summery way, come over here to meet you.

Daisy A. Hickman is the founder of SunnyRoomStudio a sunny, creative space for kindred spirits launched in early 2010. Her blog appears there each week. She also hosts wonderful Studio Guests with inspiring stories (and interests) to share. Daisy has lived in St. Louis and Indianapolis, but, at this time, is enjoying life in her home state of South Dakota. Currently, a full-time writer, Daisy also worked with nonprofit organizations for many years after completing a master’s degree in sociology at Iowa State University.
@dhSunWriter or @dazydaywriter (via twitter)
@SunnyRoomStudio (facebook)


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