Do you have the right attitude?

I participate in two writing groups. One – the memoir class – meets weekly. The other called Fem Ring meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month. We write in the group at Fem Ring whether we meet in person or on Zoom, so it’s quite a challenge. that’s why our leader sends us a prompt to ponder about a day in advance. The following is the last prompt:

Right Attitude. “If you are trying to have a different experience than the one you are having, you will never be able to see the present moment clearly,” by Sayadane U Tojaniya.

And here is what I came up with in the forty-five minutes I was given to write.


The Not So Right Attitude

I think I’m trying to ignore all the experiences I’m being offered rather than trying to have different experiences. From the list of activities that are on the weekly schedule I could get older and exhausted sooner if I tried to do them all. It’s hard enough to do the ones I choose to do – like Tai Chi, sound bath meditation, one day university lectures, council meetings, women’s group, memoir class, wine Wednesday, and watching an occasional classic movie in our small theater. And they keep offering more and more: drawing, acrylic painting, walking groups, scads of fitness classes, improv.

I’d rather sit most of these tons of offerings out and lie down and take a nap. I sleep so poorly most nights that rather than try to keep my mind and hands and eyes busy I’d much rather put my feet up and my head down, shut my eyes, and go to sleep. No, I don’t sleep very long. I usually set my alarm for fifty minutes and then get up and walk two hundred to five hundred steps – just to keep myself active and my legs moving. I also walk about nine thousand steps right after I get up every morning. Frankly, I think all that walking is much better for me than all that creative stuff designed to keep my busy.

Plus, the walking helps me see the present moment very clearly because sometimes I choose to walk in total silence. That way I can see my surroundings and appreciate all the plantings and greenery that are outside. I always admire the men in their orange and yellow vests who take care of all the beautiful landscaping near where I live. That helps me also enjoy the many plots of plants along my walking path every time I go outside. Why would I need to have anything different from that?


Now please come on and make a comment. I’ve told you all some personal stuff. It’s time for you to follow suit. I can’t wait to see what you write about your “right” attitude. With many thanks.

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