Do you have an organized place to write?

As much as I like to say I’m an organized person and that I have a place for everything, after reading Emily Johnson’s suggestions, I realize I have a lot to learn and a lot to do. I’m very happy to welcome Emily here today. She has some great ideas on organization which will not be hard to implement. Here’s Emily:

A Little-Known Way to Boost Productivity: Workplace Organization

by Emily Johnson 

Once your workplace is well-organized, you can work faster as there is nothing distracting. In fact, your workplace impacts creativity, concentration, and cleverness. If you want to enjoy the working process, don’t waste time on extra things, and grow revenue, pay attention to your workplace organization.

First things first: answer the following questions. Do you¦:

  • …have two zones for work and relax?
  • …set up a proper lighting?
  • …have an ergonomic office chair?
  • …keep your table clean?
  • ¦use modern gadgets?

If you have at least one negative answer, then you need to learn how to organize your workplace.

Being inspired by a handy infographic about workplace organization by OmniPapers, we’ve found out three steps to take while creating a good working environment.

Make a Renovation

Everything matters when you are organizing a good workplace: a right color for the walls, a writing desk position, a proper lighting, and even things you put on your writing desk. If you want to create a good working environment, pay attention to the following tips:

  • Pick up a right color (blue or green). It impacts your productivity and focus.
  • Place your writing desk in front of the source of daylight. It helps to stay concentrated and physically active.
  • Set a proper lighting. Your workplace should be illuminated well, and having a good office lamp (with 4000K light) is a must.
  • Add inspirational things. All people have things that inspire and motivate. To stay productive, you can add such things (quotes, paintings, books, etc.).

Certain tips may actually create a good workplace.

Add Comfort to Be Healthy

Once you made a renovation, it’s time to think about comfort. It’s not just about having a good office chair or a sofa. It’s about taking care of your health. An ergonomic office chair that supports the lower back helps to reduce a risk of diseases, mini elliptical trainers help to do physical activities while working, and having sitting/standing desks is great as you can stand up from time to time to prevent health problems.

Being healthy is important, and it impacts your mood, well-being, and productivity.

Declutter Your Writing Desk

Do you spend much time looking for an item you need to use right now? If yes, your writing desk might be messy, and it’s important to declutter it. When you have fewer distractions, you save time. Although it’s important to keep items you use daily next to you, there are several tips how to organize your writing desk:

  • Give everything its place
  • Hide drafts and notes
  • Keep documents in lockers
  • Use boxes for utensils
  • Place stickers as reminders

If you have a habit to keep your desk clean, that’s great. It’s more likely you stay productive.

Although more often than not people don’t pay attention to workplace organization, it’s a little-known way to boost productivity. It’s not so time-consuming and labor-intensive to create a good working environment, but it helps to stay focused and productive. Form a habit of decluttering your desk daily, and start being a better worker once and for all.

Do you have your tips on productivity? We’d like to see your ideas in comments!

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