A must see movie!!!

I’ve been raving about a new Emma Thompson movie for a couple of weeks. I think it’s so good I’ve already seen it twice.

It’s called “Good Luck to You Leo Grande.” And though it will probably appeal more to older women like me, I think the acting and the script and the directing will appeal to others as well. But of course that’s me being partial. Besides being about an older woman’s experience with a young handsome and paid-for sex worker, a major theme is how she learned to love and respect her body and her face after a whole life of putting herself down.

Actually I’m not the only one who liked it. The other night three of us sat in my living room watching Leo Grande on my sixty-five inch television screen. And one of the women reported her reaction in her blog the next day:

“I had a very interesting evening yesterday. My friend Madeline invited me and our friend Carol to her apartment to watch a movie. Madeline had seen it a few days before and not only recommended it but was also looking forward to seeing it again. That’s pretty high praise indeed.

“We settled into her comfy couch, complete with good wine, delicious chocolate and tasty pretzels to watch maybe the ultimate chick flick…”Good Luck to You Leo Grande.”

Hulu Official Site – Good Luck to You, Leo Grande – hulu.com

“This is a story of a middle aged woman played to perfection by Emma Thompson and her experience with a young, tall, dark and handsome paid sexual escort.

“To say we loved the movie and were glued to the screen is an understatement…we were blown away by it.

“I don’t have much room here, but this review is spot on, although a very long read:

Good Luck To You, Leo Grande’s Realistic Approach to Sex Is …

“Emma Thompson is amazing in this movie, and I think it’s perhaps her greatest performance ever. Nancy, the character she plays, is 63 years old just like Emma herself. She’s very average looking in this movie, not too beautiful, not really young and not really old. Leo on the other hand is a hunk in his prime and she’s rather overwhelmed when they first meet.

Emma Thompson – Wikipedia

“Anyway, if this sounds like your cup of tea, you can stream it on HULU tonight…and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.”


Thank you, Joyce, for your great endorsement of “Good Luck to You Leo Grande.” It really is a must see.

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