Writing through chaos

I’ve been writing small stones again. As the group admin says: Write just your thoughts and ideas and have fun. Post small poems and thoughts; please share and enjoy each others talents. Everyone is individual and that makes this page brilliant.

I took a long break from this writing, but started back at it last month when the group page was called Mayday Mayflower. This month we’re June Jubilation.

Here’s a few small stone thoughts from May:

  1. I’m almost finished with Revision Ten of my novel. And when I’m finished I will declare victory. Ten revisions are really quite enough.
  2. I’m sad about the death of Tom Wolfe. He was a brilliant journalist and author. Anybody not read The Right Stuff and The Bonfire of the Vanities?
  3. I’m in the edit poem mode, getting ready to submit. They say if we haven’t gotten 100 rejections in a year, we haven’t submitted enough. LOL  [note: I’m still not submitting enough!]
  4. I forgot to say the dinner I spent so much time on two days ago was a huge success. Except the next morning I found the baggie of my meticulously sliced lemons that were supposed to go on top of the chicken still in my fridge. They would have probably given the dish a whole other taste.

And some that I’ve written in June:

  1. I decided to write today in a deli. The music is blaring, the fans are blowing, and the coming and going of people and their noise is constant. Still I’m getting some work done.
  2. I am mourning our two recent suicides – Kate Spade’s and Anthony Bourdain’s. I cry for all who have died by suicide – including my beautiful son.
  3. We have to cut down a huge dead pine tree that was planted by my boys almost forty years ago. It grew from a tree seedling in a test tube as a give away from McDonald’s.
  4. The tree came down yesterday, the walls will come down tomorrow after most of my possessions are packed up in boxes. And I sit in the middle of it writing poems and small stones.
  5. The water damage report keeps getting worse and worse, and I keep writing. It’s always good to have inspiration – no matter bad or good.


You probably got from my last few entries that I’m in the mist of household chaos caused by a huge water spill from the refrigerator on the top floor of my house to the downstairs bathroom, laundry room, our two office closets. I’ve been allowed three spaces to live and work: the family room, my bedroom, and my office – though part of the office is out of bounds and cordoned off with plastic sheets. As of this morning even my kitchen sink is off limits. If I need to get through from one space to another I have to use the zipper installed down the middle of the plastic.

Now I tell people I’m living in a plastic cell.

But all that is not stopping me and my writing. You’ll keep hearing from me during all the destruction of the affected walls and floors and the reconstruction that they say will make my house look like nothing ever happened in the end. It will all take three to four months.

Please keep good thoughts for me and the outcome of this project.


  1. Bravo, Madeline. You are an inspiration to writers to keep writing… it’s my survival tool, too.

  2. You are amazing…

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