Writing small stones teaches focus and brevity

I joined the Awake August 2016 challenge to write small stones every day in August. I did the same challenge a few years ago (in January 2011 and 2012) and found the results the same. Writing brief poems, essays, descriptions, thoughts, and ideas are a worthwhile challenge. It has taught me to focus on a single thing and write briefly about it. Like the challenge creators, Kaspalita and Satya Robyn, say, it is a mindfulness writing booster. For more information about them and their work, visit their website, Writing Our Way Home: Engage with the world through mindful writing.


So whether my first five days of small stones are what Kaspalita and Satya had in mind, here they are. What do you think?

My August Small Stones

  1. A young girl with white-pale skin and wine-red hair visited for a week. We kissed goodbye this morning.
  1. The strains of Unchained Melody bring back memories of 1955 and two besotted teenagers swaying in time on a hot August night.
  1. A long walk with a friend on a hot summer day brings a connection of compassion, understanding, and love. We can’t stop talking.
  1. An orange-streaked sky like fire amidst smoky-black clouds started my day.
  1. Every morning I read The New Yorker while pumping on the elliptical. Today I read a series of 1-page essays, definitely small stones for The New Yorker. My favorite was Mary Karr’s about throwing away her 5-inch stilettos and replacing them with small stones for her feet flats.

Really, the good thing, whether these cut the mustard or not, is that I’m writing them. Please join me even if you write only one small stone this month.


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