What do you wish you knew before you turned 40?

A few days ago, Naturally Savvy, for which I am the Savvy Over 60 contributor, posted my article: Ten Things I Wish I Knew before I Turned 40.

I put a lot of thought into that article, and even though I came up with ten things as my editor suggested, I know it is still incomplete. I didn’t address religion, or money, or women’s equality a subject so much in the forefront today. I also didn’t discuss marriage, or children, or what to do during retirement, or politics. The list is a work in progress. The list will never be complete.

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Perhaps to entice you to go over to Naturally Savvy to read my article and other articles I’ve contributed, I’ll give you a few examples from my list. But really I’d love for you to share your list either here or at the Naturally Savvy link.

  1. Only spend time with people you care about. Life is too short to feel obligated to be with people we don’t care about. Learn to excuse yourself gracefully. Gently fade away. And believe me they won’t miss you. Friends have come and gone in my life. Even people I’ve known for years and years tend to retreat. It happens all the time. You’re true friends will love you and help you no matter what. Stick with them.
  1. Say the magic words. Show your gratitude by saying thank you and you’re welcome for good deeds done to you and for you. I never hesitate and probably say those words so much it’s like a broken record. But I say them sincerely. And now they have become a habit. By the way, my sons were complimented for using those terms even when they were little boys.
  1. Life is short; eat dessert first. A dear friend who I took aerobics with said that all the time. Sadly, she did indeed die young. What a lesson that was for me. It’s all about getting out there, not putting things off until you can afford them, and enjoying your life. Laugh a lot, dance, and hug and kiss your loved ones. Too many of us end up physically impaired as we age, and then it’s too late.


Now that you have the gist, please share what’s on your list of things you wish you had known before you turned 40, or 50, or 60. Enquiring minds want to know.

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