What do I do all day?

People keep asking me what I do all day. They want to know how this new widow spends her time and deals with her loss.

Well, first of all I hate the “widow” word. Isn’t there something else we could call a woman whose husband has died? Well, I suppose not. Plus, I really have other things to do than worry about a word or two.

Like continuing to work on all the financial records and documents my husband left me to sort out. And bear in mind I was never a party to anything financial going on during our fifty-year marriage. He was the math guy. He called me innumerate.

Even so, I have changed over all the accounts to my name and closed some I don’t want to deal with. I’ve also cancelled a couple of credit card accounts. Right now though, I’m looking through our home improvement records so when and if it comes time to sell my house, I can have write-offs to offset the thousands in taxes I’ll owe.

Also, I still am writing. Since last February I’ve been writing a poem a day – it’s usually very short and takes less than ten minutes to write. My subject matter has dealt with the past White House administration, the 2020 election, Bob’s illness, and his death and how its aftermath has affected me. I also write in my journal every day as well. I’m a very compulsive person – but I’m sure you can tell that without my saying so.

And like today – though I’ve slacked off a little in the few months, I’m writing a blog post, at least a few times a month. I’m also back to hosting authors while they are participating in the WOW Women on Writing virtual book tours.

I also spend a major part of my day walking –  an hour and a quarter in the early morning and another half hour in the late afternoon. It gets me out of the house during our mandated shutdown and among the people I see and stay socially distant from along the way. I started walking the day my gym closed last year – on March 23, 2020 – and I’ve walked every day since. Talk about compulsive!

Otherwise, my interactions with people have been very limited – a few outside eating occasions with close friends, of course being with my son and daughter-in-law, and a few interactions at my front door with all people involved wearing masks. I also participate in some Zoom get togethers, including my Zoom writing group meetings twice a month. I also must say that people have very generously left me meals on my front doorstep, which I appreciate to no end. One dear friend texts to ask me what I want to eat for dinner that night at least once a week. That also gets left on my doorstep sometimes with a bottle of wine. I can’t feel more loved and taken care of than that.

That’s enough for now. Maybe when my social life is less controlled by COVID will I have a more busy and productive life. For now it’s enough. It gives me time to read, watch movies on Netflix, reflect, and remember.




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