What! An alcohol fast in September…

Whether it is scotch, chardonnay, even coconut liqueur, or my favorite red zinfandel, I’m going off all of it in September.

About 30 years ago after too many celebrations in December leading up to the new year, my husband and I decided to take an alcohol fast in January. And believe me that wasn’t easy. We had both been used to a glass or two or wine every evening, so not reaching our for that fine crystal stem and pouring in a beautiful red liquid alcoholic substance into its bowl took a conscious effort.

But after a few days we both liked the results – more clear headedness, less sleepiness during the day, better sleep at night, a nice cleansing feeling inside, and of course a great feeling of accomplishment when the month was over.

After a few years of fasting in January I decided on a two times a year fast – every January and July, which often led me to ask myself if I would let go of alcohol all together. Though I never took that big step, I’ve kept up the alcohols fasts every six months all these years. My husband gave them up about fifteen years ago.

Yet, once in a while I’ve had to make an adjustment in the timing. If we are traveling during one of those months I’ll do the fast in the month previous or after. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to me is to keep doing it.

This summer was different! Being in the middle of our house upheaval from the water leak that occurred in late June, when July came along I didn’t give my alcohol fast a thought. I totally forgot about it. And when I remembered I had missed it, I gave myself permission to keep drinking my zin. After all, I needed it to help me get through the demolition and reconstruction of my house and the need to make decisions about it every. single. day.

That is until two mornings ago when I woke up with a dull headache and told myself this has got to stop. While I lay in bed not quite ready or even feeling like getting up and putting my workout clothes on and going out in the dark of the morning to drive to the gym, I resolved to go on my next alcohol fast on the first of September. Sure there’s reasons why September could be hard – celebrating the Jewish high holidays, a 12-person dinner party I’m co-hosting, and our brother-in-law’s 75th birthday party, but it will be a whole lot easier than October when we have two trips planned.

And as I write about it now, I look forward to it. It means I’m getting my life back together – even though my house isn’t ready for us to move into yet. But it will be by the end of September. Then on the first of October I can really celebrate with one of my crystal glasses of zinfandel in my own home.

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