Welcome! Mary Maurice, author of the Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe

Choices is very pleased to have Mary Maurice visit while she’s on her WOW! Women on Writing virtual book tour of The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe. She has also given us her thoughts about the failing use of the word, Please – a word that has always been well-used in my family – along with its companions, Thank You.

At least Ms. Maurice has a sense of humor about it. Here are her thoughts!


by Mary Maurice

Has anyone seen, Please? You know, to please or not to please, that is the question. Whether it is pleasurable to please, or polite to say please, is becoming a mystery to people, at least that what it seems to me as I pace through this unconscious society. Just another word that’s lost its meaning and status in our vocabulary. I can still hear Mom saying. “What’s the magic word?” Or maybe it’s what the techno world is turning humans into. Rude, insensitive, self-indulged individuals, who think because they have the world at their fingertips, as they thumb responses on their smartphones (?), can treat people anyway they want. I fear for the existence of one of my favorite words, and hope that people hear me when I say, please let’s not abandon the word, please!


Synopsis of The Suicide Letters of Jack Monroe

Susan Jordan awakens at her Santa Fe apartment, cloudy and disoriented. Her clothing is unfamiliar. Where has she been? Her nose crinkles as she smells his scent. Jack’s back! Rubber filled legs brace against the stone-cold tile floor as she reaches for the pile of mail haplessly setting on the table. Dozens of letters! Jack Monroe never stops. Susan wishes he would just leave, take his advice and go back to Detroit. He’s gaining too much control! He’s taking over!

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About Mary

Mary Maurice wrote her first poem when she was in the ninth grade and hasn’t stopped writing since. Catching the fire at an early age, she continues to dedicate her time to the craft. Ms. Maurice has completed several novels and poetry books and has performed readings in distinct cities around the country. She presently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


  1. Dear Ms. Sharples, Thank-you for having me as a guest on your blog site. I appreciate your time, and hope to be working with you in the future. Let me know if you’d like any other blogs I’ve written. Sincerely, Mary Maurice

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