Two new reviews worth bragging about

Pat Seitz and I attend a monthly Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC) writing group where we discuss our published books and books in progress plus hear a lot of good information about what resources out there for us struggling authors. I was pleasantly surprised at one meeting when Pat said she wanted to buy and read my book. Since I carry a box of books in the trunk of my car, I was ready to accommodate her immediately, and I happily signed a first edition hardback copy for her. I also gave her a discounted price, something I always do for other authors when we’re at meetings and writers conferences.

Original Cover

And Pat graciously wrote a fabulous review of Leaving the Hall Light On – unfortunately Amazon wouldn’t publish it since she didn’t buy it from the Amazon site.
Here’s Pat:
Madeline Sharples’ painful, powerful story, Leaving the Hall Light On, is phenomenal.
Her fascinating story has turned the light on the darkness in my family’s disconnect and painful actions; understanding it’s because of mental illness hiding under the stigma of shame and turning a blind eye.
Thank you, Madeline Sharples
I know Barbara Kubo first from the wonderful sushi restaurant she used to own, and now from the gym. We work out side by side on the elliptical trainer almost every day. Recently we met for coffee to discuss her work with homeless women in downtown Los Angeles, and before I knew it she was asking me about my book. A few days later she said she had ordered it – from Amazon – and was reading it almost nonstop. As I usually do, I asked her to write a review when she finished.
Here’s Barbara’s also fabulous five-star review on Amazon:
The book is brilliant. A true tour de force of incredible writing on an extraordinarily difficult and often shunned subject. I read it in a matter of days…I simply could not put it down! I could not get over her willingness to be brutally honest regarding Paul’s suicide and the feelings that it engendered in her. Any mother can identify with the ambiguity she knowingly expresses: we love our children unconditionally and do everything within our power for them yet at times we feel overwhelmed, like we just can’t take it anymore. Yet, somehow we do.

Ms. Sharples addresses the unthinkable next question : what happens when you’ve done everything and it’s still not good enough??? How then do you survive the aftermath??? How then do you continue and not become consumed by remorse and guilt???
This is a story of one woman’s courage, strength, strength and ultimate survival.
Thank you so much Pat and Barbara! See why I had to brag?


  1. Hi Madeline.

    About reviews. There’s some review algorithm that determines if your reviews on Amazon are “authentic or not. It’s probably somebody making money … who knows?

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