Thank you, Denis Ledoux

Denis Ledoux, creator of The Memoir Network and a memoir-writing mentor, just posted a wonderful five-star review of my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. His words make me feel so proud that I couldn’t resist sharing them here.

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Denis’ review:

I would have been proud to have written this book.

How to add something new to a memoir that has received such a huge and positive response of reviewers?
This is a good book that griped me from the beginning. The subject is tragic. Being a widower myself who has gone through his own overwhelming grief, I can attest that Madeline Sharples’ observation and her writing of that observation are so accurate. So much here resonated with me. It was hard to read at times as this memoir evoked sorrow for Madeline Sharples (and for me) but it was also supportive to read about the author’s journey.

Madeline Sharples is clearly a polished writer and it was often a pleasure to read a turn of phrase she had crafted and then to reread it. The book is also studded with the author’s poetry and one has to congratulate her for being a gifted poet. The poems were insightful and often elegant.

This is a book I would have been proud to have written and my hat goes off to the author.


DenisheadshotThank you so much, Denis.

About Denis Ledoux
Denis has never gotten used to the stories of difficulties and pain that come from his writing clients. He has been helping people to write memoirs since 1988 through his company The Memoir Network. In that time, he has seen the power of memoir writing to heal. He lives and writes in Lisbon Falls, Maine. Denis will return to Choices while touring  A Sugary Frosting, a memoir about his mother, to be released on April 22, 2016.

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