September dreams and wishes

As it gets closer to the anniversary of Paul's death day, my dreams about him become more vivid. It's happened like this for twelve years. I also think about all the things he's missed in all that time. Here are a few poems on those subjects written in years past and photos in his memory. Wishing Dreams I used to think when I dreamed about him He was near. That if I reached out far enough I could touch him. That if I looked hard enough I could see him. Last night The tears streaming out of his eyes Were so real I could taste them And I knew They were mine. Paul's Bench September 23, 2002 The phone rang once Startling me awake From a deep sleep I jumped out of bed to answer it Knocking over the Waterford Crystal perfume bottle On the way. And to naught There was no one on the line. I looked over at the clock Only 5 a.m. but I was up for This day, September 23, 2002, The third anniversary of Paul's death A day that I dreaded for so long And all I could … [Read more...]